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Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets: 9 Reasons Why CBD Oil Can Help Dogs

9 Reasons Why CBD Oil Can Help Dogs

CBD oil has gained significant popularity as a natural remedy for various health issues in humans, but its potential benefits for pets, especially dogs, is gaining popularity among pet owners and veterinarians.

CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant, interacts with the endocannabinoid system in both humans and animals, offering potential therapeutic effects.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of natural CBD oil for dogs, particularly in providing pain relief for conditions like arthritis and promoting overall canine health.

How CBD Works For Dogs

CBD oil can offer several potential benefits for dogs due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a vital role in regulating various physiological processes in the body – yes, even for our four-legged mates.

The ECS helps maintain balance, or homeostasis, in the body by influencing functions such as pain perception, immune response, mood and appetite. When CBD is administered to dogs, it also interacts with the ECS receptors, potentially providing the following benefits.

What Type Of CBD For Your Dog

CBD comes in three types: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate is pure CBD, nothing else. Just pure, high quality CBD.

Full-spectrum contains CBD, as well as all the other beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant, such as other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, as well as trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound that causes the psychoactive or “high” effects commonly associated with cannabis. But, because the THC is in trace amounts, it doesn’t cause a high.

And then there’s broad-spectrum CBD, which includes all the beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant except THC.


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How CBD Oil Can Be Beneficial For Dogs

1. Pain Relief

CBD’s potential analgesic (pain relieving) properties may help alleviate pain in dogs caused by various conditions, such as arthritis, injuries, general ageing or post-surgery recovery.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition in dogs, especially in older fur babies, leading to joint pain, stiffness and reduced mobility. CBD oil may offer effective pain relief and support for dogs with arthritis in the following ways. Because CBD interacts with receptors in the nervous system, it potentially reduces pain signals and improves your buddy’s comfort level.

3. Anxiety And Stress Reduction

CBD may help reduce anxiety and stress in dogs, making it beneficial for pets with separation anxiety, noise phobias or generalised anxiety disorders. CBD can also help dogs stay relaxed in stressful situations, making it helpful during thunderstorms, vet visits or other anxiety-inducing events.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help manage inflammation related to various health issues, including joint inflammation in arthritis.

5. Anti-Nausea And Appetite Stimulation

CBD can ease nausea and promote a healthy appetite, which is particularly useful for dogs experiencing gastrointestinal issues or undergoing chemotherapy.

6. Epilepsy Management

CBD has shown potential in reducing the frequency and severity of seizures in dogs with epilepsy.

7. Enhancing Immune Function

CBD’s interaction with the ECS may support a balanced immune response, helping dogs maintain optimal health.

8. Improving Skin And Coat Health

CBD oil’s potential anti-inflammatory properties can aid in managing skin conditions and promoting a healthy, shiny coat.

9. Supporting Senior Dogs

CBD oil’s potential pain-relieving properties can be particularly beneficial for older dogs experiencing age-related issues like arthritis and mobility challenges.


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Top CBD Oils For Dog Pain Relief

When choosing a CBD oil for your dog’s pain relief, it’s essential to choose a premium quality product that provides third-party lab testing results, confirming the potency and purity of their CBD oil.
At Down To Earth, we only sell the highest quality CBD products, made from CBD grown in the United State of America, and we believe in transparency, which is why you can find our lab reports conducted by independent, third-party labs.
And, because we love our canine mates, we’ve created Pet Defence 250 (PET250), a full-spectrum blend made specifically for doggos. For larger dogs, or dogs with moderate to severe issues, you could try a stronger formulation like our CBD Isolate 1000 (ISO1000).

Final Thoughts

CBD oil for dogs can be a valuable natural supplement for your good boys and good girls, offering potential benefits such as pain relief, anxiety reduction and improved general health.
With proper use and careful consideration, CBD oil may become a valuable addition to your dog’s overall wellness plan, supporting their health and enhancing their quality of life.
If using CBD oil for dog health, you should consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new supplement to your pet’s regimen, especially if they have any medical conditions or are on any medication.
And if you have concerns about what products you’re giving your best mates, you can rest assured that Down To Earth only sells premium CBD products produced using CBD extracted from cannabis grown in the United States of America. And, because we believe in transparency, you can find independent lab reports on our website and take a look at our almost 5000 independently verified customer reviews.
Have more questions? Get in touch with our friendly team and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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