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The Benefits Of Synergy & The Entourage Effect in CBD Topicals


CBD oil and essential oils have a lot more in common than you might suspect. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that CBD oil is an essential oil itself. Like any essential oil, the basic idea is to take advantage of naturally occurring compounds in order to benefit our own health and wellness. Whether from cannabis, lavender, or any other plant, the combination of these oils can enhance many aspects of our daily health and wellness. CBD topicals are products that often benefit from combining with other essential oils. Together, these oils enhance all their best qualities and create the entourage effect.

The Advantage of CBD & Essential Oils, Combined

Thanks to the recent rise of legal cannabis, we understand a lot more about the complex chemical properties it possesses. For example, we now know that the chemical compound CBD has a variety of interesting effects, including many positive benefits for the skin. Of particular note is a phenomenon known as the “entourage effect.” This is what happens when the chemical compounds of cannabis are used together, rather than in isolation. It’s why some prefer full-spectrum CBD oils as opposed to isolates. The combined benefits of all the different cannabinoids and terpenes reinforce one another. The effects of each are blended and made stronger, leading to a more efficient and possibly more beneficial experience. 

For those familiar with essential oils, you might notice this sounds similar to the concept of synergy. In fact, many chemical compounds that contribute to the “entourage effect” in full-spectrum CBD exist in other essential oils. Not only are synergy and the entourage effect compatible with one another, they’re essentially one and the same.

The Entourage Effect v Synergy

Synergy is the blending and balancing of different essential oils to create a more powerful advantage. Usually, a specific functionality is the goal. Examples include improving mood or relieving stress. It’s a process of selecting and blending the right oils based on the unique characteristics of their respective compounds. When perfectly aligned, the terpenes and other compounds create a more potent effect than any essential oil could do alone.

This appears to be exactly what happens with the entourage effect as well. Utilise more than just the single cannabinoid compound CBD oils are known for, and you often produce stronger results. The combination of different cannabinoids and terpenes reinforce each other just as they would in a synergised essential oils blend. 

Synergy, CBD, & Skincare

At Down To Earth, we’re passionate about using CBD to improve the health and wellness of the world, one drop at a time. Our line of full-spectrum CBD topicals takes full advantage of the entourage effect. They also synergise with other essential oils for an even more drastic explosion of efficiency. Feel free to contact us here to learn more and place your first order today!

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