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Beyond Pain Relief: CBD Topicals Vs. Traditional Pain Relief & Skincare Solutions

CBD Topicals

In recent years, the buzz around CBD has reached a crescendo, with its potential benefits extending far beyond pain relief and pain management – the typical things most people think of when it comes to CBD.

In particular, CBD topicals have emerged as a powerful tool in skincare, as well as an alternative to traditional relief for localised pain.

But what sets topicals apart in the world of skin and pain management? How do topicals work? And what benefits do they offer?

In this blog, we’ll answer all of these questions and more.

What Is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its counterpart THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not cause the psychoactive, or “high”, effects commonly associated with marijuana.

The Endocannabinoid System: How Does CBD Interact?

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological functions, including pain perception, mood, appetite and inflammation. CBD interacts with this system by influencing cannabinoid receptors, namely CB1 and CB2, distributed throughout the body. By modulating these receptors, CBD may exert pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects, offering relief from pain and promoting general wellbeing.

Unveiling The Entourage Effect

When using full or broad-spectrum CBD products, there is a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, where the combined action of multiple compounds found in the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoids, phyto-chemicals, terpenes and flavonoids, enhance the therapeutic benefits of the CBD.

Understanding CBD Topicals: How Do They Work?

Topical CBD applications offer localised relief by targeting specific areas of pain/discomfort or skin issues. As we know, CBD modulates pain signalling pathways and reduces inflammation. We have cannabinoid receptors in our skin, muscles and nerves, and, unlike oral CBD products which have to be metabolised first, topicals deliver CBD directly to the affected area, ensuring rapid absorption and targeted relief.

Down To Earth’s Range Of CBD Topicals

At Down To Earth, we offer a great range of CBD rejuvenating skin serums and soothing balms, as well as CBD bath salts! Let’s take a look.

CBD Oils

Our three topical CBD oils are your best friends in giving your skin that revitalised, dewy glow. Our Revamp Serum is a supercharged facial blemish remedy like no other, while our Harmony Serum is a luscious nighttime oil to restore your skin while you sleep. And then there’s our morning Joy Serum, designed to help your skin tackle the day ahead.

CBD Balms

We have two great balms. Our Bliss Balm with soothing German chamomile is perfect for people looking for relief from conditions such as arthritis or just needing to relax tired and overworked muscles.

Our Active Balm is a great partner to alleviate aches and pains from sport and sports injuries, harnessing the healing powers of arnica and juniper.


Our deluxe lavender Luxe Lippy will help keep your lips soft and supple, especially from Australia’s harsh sun and wind.

An added benefit is that Luxe Lippy can also be applied on the temples for headache and insomnia relief.

CBD Bath Salts

Treat yourself to a nourishing bath with our CBD bath salts, perfect to soothe aches and pains. Get your morning pumping with our invigorating Sunrise Bath Salts or get yourself ready for bed with our relaxing and calming Sunset Bath Salts.

CBD Vs Traditional Pain Relief

When comparing CBD vs traditional pain relief aids, it’s essential to consider both CBD topical efficacy and safety. While common pain relievers like NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and opioids provide symptomatic relief, they carry the risk of adverse effects, including gastrointestinal complications and addiction.

In contrast, CBD topicals offer a natural alternative with minimal side effects, making them a safer option for long-term use. Additionally, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can complement traditional pain management strategies, potentially reducing the need for higher doses of pharmaceuticals.

Incorporating CBD topicals into your pain management routine could be a great option for you.

Safety And Side Effects: CBD Topicals Vs. Common Pain Relievers

Choosing topical CBD products over oral CBD products, such as oils or edibles, depends on a range of factors such as your needs, preferences and if you’re on any medications.

CBD topicals boast an excellent safety profile, with few reported adverse effects because, unlike oral CBD products, topicals do not enter the bloodstream. Oral CBD products sometimes cause side effects such as dizziness or gastrointestinal disturbances, but these are rare.

The great news is that you can also use CBD topicals and oral CBD products together for even more relief!

Furthermore, CBD topicals are non-intoxicating, making them suitable for individuals seeking relief without impairment. In contrast, traditional pain relievers carry a higher risk of adverse effects, requiring caution and monitoring during use.

Skincare Benefits Of CBD Topicals: Beyond Pain Relief

Beyond pain relief, CBD skincare topicals boast a plethora of benefits, making them a fabulous addition to any beauty regime. The antioxidant properties of CBD skincare topicals help combat free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and premature ageing.

Additionally, CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects can soothe irritated skin, making it ideal for conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.


CBD topicals open up an exciting world not only in pain relief/pain management, but also as a natural way to care for your skin – the largest organ in the body. As safe and versatile products, topical CBD applications are a great choice for holistic wellbeing.

So whether you’re incorporating CBD topicals into your pain management routine, nurturing your skin, or simply embracing self-care, CBD topicals offer a path to wellness that goes beyond mere symptom management.

Still have questions about the best CBD topicals Australia has to offer or about CBD topical efficacy? Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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