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Can CBD Help My Cat?


If you’re a regular reader, you know by now that we’ve covered a number of articles about how CBD can help man’s best friend –but until now, we haven’t explored how CBD products for pets online can specifically help cats. If you’re a cat owner, we’re sorry! But we’re finally here.

How Does CBD Work in Cats?

All mammals, including you and your cat, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy. Cats produce endocannabinoid substances, called endogenous cannabinoids, but these cannabinoids can also be found in the cannabis plant.

When either endocannabinoids, or cannabinoids from cannabis, have been released they travel through the bloodstream. They then attach to the cells and help deliver instructions and messages that tell the body how to react or respond. This response helps the body to maintain an internal balance called homeostasis. 

Why does this matter? Well, research has shown that almost all body processes in mammals are affected by the ECS. So, when endocannabinoids aren’t delivering the instructions as expected, homeostasis can be thrown off. Think of it like this: your brain fires a neuron with a message to get to your liver, but if homeostasis is off, your liver may not receive the message correctly and not function as it should. That’s just one example of literally BILLIONS of interactions that happen each second in the body with the ECS.

When your cat’s system is under more stress than usual, the endocannabinoids bind to or work with endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) to let the endocannabinoid system know it needs to respond. While further research is needed to fully understand how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it’s believed that CBD may help prevent the breakdown of endocannabinoids.

The CB1 receptors are mainly located in the brain and spinal cord, and they control the feeling of pain in the nerve endings. The CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are primarily found in the immune and nervous system..

Effects of CBD Oil on Cats

Helps Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Cats can suffer from arthritis and joint pain. When your cat is affected by arthritis, he or she might experience constant pain, lack of energy, and decreased mobility. CBD may offer relief because of its potential anti-inflammatory properties

It May Reduce Stress and Anxiety

When your cat undergoes too much stress, you may start seeing poor grooming habits, poor eating habits, and behavioural issues. CBD may help by moderating stress hormone production, cortisol, and influencing the brain receptors responsible for mood regulation. 

Potential to Help with Seizures and Epilepsy

While research on CBD and cats is limited, studies in other mammals (including humans) suggest that CBD oil helps to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. It’s thought that CBD counteracts seizures by minimizing the number of electrical disruptions in the brain.

How Much CBD Should You Give Your Cat?

When you do get yourself some CBD products for pets online, it’s important you’re careful with the dosage. You should always consult with your cat’s vet first, but we’ve prepared a helpful pet dosage guide to help.

In general, start low, go slow, and gradually increase the dosage based on how your cat responds.

Final Thoughts

We’ve had many customers write in and share their success stories with us, but remember to be mindful of the dosage and observe your cat closely.

When purchasing your CBD products for pets online, try to make sure that the retailer has an independent laboratory certificate of analysis so you can be sure of the quality you’re getting. Ours does, here.

If you’ve used CBD oil to help your cat, leave a comment below! And if you have any questions, just email us here. We love helping fellow pet lovers.

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