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Can CBD Oil Products Online Help Save the Planet?!

Can CBD Oil Products Online Help

The title of this article may seem far-fetched, but hear us out before you make your mind up! First, though, let’s take stock of where the planet is at.

Global CO₂ emissions have fallen by about 7% since the beginning of the corona pandemic. And carbon dioxide emissions also fell by 2.6 gigatons in 2020 compared to the previous year –more than ever before! Sounds great at first, but researchers only interpret this as a short-term success. 

Many regions of the world are already affected by the consequences of climate change. Droughts, floods, and fires are becoming more and more extreme. Just think about the start of 2020 and the fires in New South Wales, then think about 2021 and the bloody floods!

It is up to us to change our future, and now we’re going explain why hemp could help save our planet.

Why Hemp Could Help Save the Planet

Cleaning the Earth, aka Phytoremediation

As early as the 1990s, a team investigated whether hemp was able to absorb heavy metals from the soil in the contaminated Chernobyl fields. (If you don’t remember, Chernobyl is where a nuclear reactor melted down in Russia.) According to the team, the experiment was a success, and the term ‘phytoremediation’ was born. This technical term describes the possibility of remedying soiled and contaminated earth or groundwater with the help of plants. 

In 2001, a German research team confirmed these findings. Whether it was lead, cadmium or nickel, (absolutely toxic stuff), the mighty hemp plant was able to extract all of these substances from a piece of land contaminated with sludge. So, you can see that with hemp it would be possible to transform previously ruined soil to restore it for agricultural purposes, like planting crops!

Rather frustratingly, though, further research has stalled because the cultivation of hemp is still illegal in many regions of the world. And, this is despite the fact that the problem of climate change is becoming more and more acute! Insane, we know. Just insane –it makes us angry!

If you need to get some CBD oil products online to calm down right now, we won’t blame you.

Hemp Houses, Yay!

Did you know that hemp can also be used to build houses? As a building material, this is not only cheaper and far lighter, but also ten times(!) stronger than concrete. When it comes to durability, nobody can beat hemp buildings. The hemp home can withstand wind and weather for a full 500 years.

On top of this, hemp has an even more insulating effect than concrete as hemp effectively stores heat and releases it again. And, even processed as a building material, the plant is able to remove carbon dioxide from the air!

Plastic, Nay!!

Plastic, that terrible substance that is killing our oceans, clogging our waterways, and takes 400 years to decompose? It doesn’t have to be that way!

What many do not know is that the first plastics were made from organic hemp cellulose fibres. This alternative is biodegradable because the hemp plant is an organic material. It is difficult to manufacture, but there are already companies with products like Coca-Cola and Lego who use plastics made from hemp and other plant fibres today.

Hemp, The CO2 Absorption King

Around the world, 30 football fields worth of forest is disappearing every minute, and those forests are vitally important in cleaning the air we breathe. You probably knew this fact already.  

What you may not have known, though, is that the hemp plant absorbs four times as much CO₂ as trees. So, for every one hemp plant, you’d need to plant four trees to clean the air as much!

When Saving the World Is Illegal…

Like us, you’re probably frustrated by now. Imagine a world where all of us could have hemp plants freely growing in our gardens, or in pot plants on our balconies, or in our homes? Cleaner air, cleaning the soil and groundwater, and that’s just a start!

It really boggles the mind, and it’s unbelievably frustrating that we can’t do this. If you need to de-stress from this insanity, our CBD oil products online here might help. At least, in buying some, you’re supporting the hemp industry. More hemp grown = cleaner air and soil.

We live in a crazy world, no doubt. There is so much beauty, but there is also a kind of global insanity, too. The solutions are here, they’re right in front of us –but they’re illegal.

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