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CBD Clinical Trials Could Lead To Great Progress

clinical trials

New clinical trials underway in Queensland could lead to a large breakthrough for the medical and commercial use of CBD in Australia. If you are unfamiliar with what a clinical trial is, do not fret, as they are very simple to understand. Patients with various afflictions volunteer in order to test the effectiveness of new medications. Researchers accompany them throughout the testing and document their findings, specifically examining whether or not the treatments were effective.

If the trial is successful, then the product can then potentially be made available to the public. This would open up CBD for general retail sale. Past results show that this could be a big win for CBD. Going off of what happened in the United States, the medical approval of CBD will in turn lead to a higher presence in the retail space. People will begin to understand the great benefits that CBD provides. This new education will launch CBD to the forefront.

Previous CBD Trials

CBD has already made a significant mark in the health space around the world. This article goes over some of the findings and successes that have contributed to the argument for CBD’s legitimacy. Those with arthritis and other chronic pains were administered CBD Oil over the course of four weeks in order to help quell pain. Simply put, it worked. This lines up with the countless anecdotal testimonials that we have been hearing for years about the pain relief that CBD can bring.

More evidence was found in study involving patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS for short). People with MS often experience muscle spasms as a symptom. However, these painful symptoms subsided or went away after CBD was introduced. These are just a few of the results that have opened the gateway to wider CBD use.

Fighting The Stigma

Another benefit of increased research into CBD is that these clinical trials will help in combating the incorrect and flat out untrue stigmas that some peddle about CBD oil. Something that is worth reiterating: CBD oil does not get you high. So, equating the use of CBD with smoking marijuana is unfair and wrong.

The people who use CBD are not looking for a party, they are instead seeking out a healthy and effective alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Case in point: Multiple professional athletes are now advocating for the use of CBD. From active competitors like Nate Diaz and Megan Rapinoe to retired stars like Mike Tyson (yes, the baddest man on the planet uses CBD), these are people who have tried everything they can in order to manage and optimize their bodies. CBD is what they chose.

Case Study: United States

A good bellwether for what we should be able to expect from the Australian trials is the situation that has played out in the United States. CBD has been tested in various capacities in America. After approving the undertaking of research in 2015, the FDA has seen multiple successes for CBD. This resulted in the explosion of popularity for CBD in the country. Fourteen percent of Americans now report that they use CBD products. That’s about 45 million people. In addition, the CBD based drug Epidiolex was officially approved as seizure medication. The clinical trials allowed CBD to explode onto the scene and become familiar. This could be the case for Australia.

CBD has brought great relief and ease to many people worldwide. If you are interested in learning more or want to try CBD yourself, then you should contact us. We are a global company that ships to Australia and New Zealand.

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