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CBD Edibles: Types and Benefits

CBD Edible Products Online Australia

There are so many choices for CBD products today, from oils and topicals, and even over to products for pets. While most people opt for CBD oil, not everyone is a fan of the sensations of having an oil in her or his mouth. This is where CBD edible products take centre stage.

There are several advantages to CBD edible products online in Australia, too. They’re convenient because the dose is already sorted for you, and they’re also delicious (depending on where you go, of course). They’re also among the most affordable CBD oil-based products online you can buy.

What Are CBD Edibles?

Simply put, CBD edibles are just food infused with CBD. You might be thinking of things like hash/marijuana cookies, but CBD edibles aren’t the same. Unlike marijuana edibles, CBD edibles won’t cause a high. This is because CBD edibles should contain less than 1% THC, and THC is the compound in marijuana that causes the high or feelings of euphoria.

Thus, for health-conscious people, make sure you’re buying the best quality CBD oil products in Australia. You can tell by ensuring the seller has their products clinically tested by independent laboratories for quality and potency, like ours are here.

Types CBD Edibles?

It’s time to get tasty! Another advantage of CBD edibles is that you have a variety of yummy choices, and we’ll list a few the most popular. One thing to remember: you can often find full spectrum edibles, and isolate edibles, but we’ll get to that later.

CBD Gummies

Gummie bears! Remember having them as a kid (or perhaps last week)? CBD gummies are pretty much exactly the same as the gummies you’ve always known, except they’re infused with CBD. You can find CBD gummies in a variety of strengths, such as 30mg of CBD per gummie, or 60mg per gummie.

CBD Chocolate

Easily one of the most popular CBD edible products online in Australia, CBD chocolates are exactly what they sound like: CBD mixed with chocolate. These often come in a wide selection of choices, and you can even find vegan CBD chocolates.

CBD Honey

Perhaps one of the most versatile edibles is CBD honey. Again, it’s honey infused with CBD, but it’s versatile because of what you can do with it: put it on your toast, mix it in a smoothie –the list goes on. However, unlike CBD gummies and CBD chocolates, the disadvantage is that the dosage comes down to how much CBD honey you add to whatever you’re consuming.

Full Spectrum and Isolate Edibles

We mentioned there’s a difference, and here it is: full-spectrum products are made using the entire hemp plant, whereas an isolate contains only pure CBD. There has been a lot of research on what’s more effective, and as we’ve covered this topic before we won’t go into huge detail. Suffice to say, it comes down to what you’re using CBD to treat, be it sleep issues, anxiety, as workout supplement, or even for things like cancer, seizures, or skin conditions.

Advantages of CBD Edibles

We’ve already noted that a major advantage CBD edibles is that the dosage is sorted for you. No measuring with drippers, drops, etc.. Nice and easy!

The other major advantage is that CBD edibles provide long-lasting effects. Because CBD edibles are ingested via your digestive system, it takes longer to metabolize so it’s slowly released into your body. This means long-lasting relief. Just remember that it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in, so wait for the effect before you take more.

Final Thoughts

While CBD oil continues to be the most popular form of CBD consumption for most people, CBD edible products online in Australia are increasingly sought after as a tasty way of treating many conditions. Just be sure to consult with your medical professional before taking any form of CBD to ensure it doesn’t negatively interact with any other medications you may be taking.

We always love to hear from you, so share your experiences or ask any questions in the comments below, or email us for more help.

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