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CBD: The Incredible Immune System Booster


No one is immune from the talk surrounding the prolific health wonders of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Therefore, you may already know that CBD is one of the compounds in the cannabis or marijuana plant. CBD is the non-psychoactive relative to the other marijuana compound, tetrahydrocannabidol (THC), which does have psychoactive effects on the brain. In other words, CBD does not provide users with the “high” that THC does because consuming it does not lead to impairment. CBD does, however, have amazing healing qualities on the immune system that make it a fantastic addition to anyone’s daily health regime. 

Self Care with CBD

CBD is a natural all-star alternative to traditional forms of medicine that has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Additionally, it’s useful at regulating the body’s immune response because of its inherent anti-inflammatory properties. No one wants to be red, puffy, run-down, and inflamed. 

CBD positively impacts the immune system via its relationship to the body’s endocannabinoid system. Discovering the endocannabinoid system in the 1990s has led scientists to research the impact CBD might have on overall human health. Research shows that in people with impaired immunity, inflammation often runs super high. This is because the body is overreacting to perceived threats, thus perpetuating an inflammatory response. Thus, this type of chronic inflammation can contribute to chronic pain and other adverse conditions. CBD has shown promise as an immune regulator because of its suppression of cytokines (immunomodulating agents) and its action on lymphocyte immune cells (T cells) which act against pathogens and other intruders.  

Explaining the Endocannabinoid System

The body’s endocannabinoid system is complex and consists of molecules called endogenous cannabinoids, cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), and enzymes. Crucially, this system plays a role in the body’s immune system by regulating its inflammatory response. Taking CBD can help the body’s immune system maintain homeostasis in the case of chronic illness or in the case of an increased viral load. 

CBD on a Cellular Level

CBD is beneficial for the body’s innate immune system.  A study conducted by the Journal of Cannabis Research illustrated the numerous benefits of cannabis compounds on white blood cell count. White blood cells are vital agents in high-functioning immune processes. These “good guys” fight various infections and diseases. Because infection begins on a cellular level, it is crucial to have some form of ongoing cellular defence. This is where acquiring a high-quality CBD oil comes into play. Using CBD as preventative medicine during cold & flu season can only help strengthen the body and make it a less welcome environment for unwanted visitors like viruses.   Even so, the healing properties of CBD don’t stop there. Another study conducted by Frontiers in Immunology indicated that CBD  directly inhibited the action of neutrophils. High levels of neutrophils indicate some kind of infection in the body.

CBD for You, CBD for Me

Almost anyone can take CBD.  The first step is locating a high-quality CBD oil like the ones found here at Down to Earth. The second step is getting a doctor’s approval. If you are currently taking any prescribed medications, as CBD can sometimes interfere with these. Usually well-tolerated, CBD is a relatively safe preventive and corrective option for those harsh winter months.

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