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CBD Isolates Explained


Derived from the hemp or cannabis plant, cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has taken the health world by storm for its ability to treat many health issues. These range from psychological ones like stress and anxiety or problems with sleep, through to physical ones like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, psoriasis, and even cancer –all from an organic compound found in a plant!

We’re spoiled for variety, too. A quick search online, even in Australia, and you’ll find a wide selection of products ranging from oils, edibles, and topicals, and even over to products for pets. However, due to the extraction method of the CBD compound, not all of these products will have the exactly same effects and some are better for certain lifestyle needs than others.

Whatever the product type, whether its oils or topicals or edibles, there are two major groups of CBD that can be used for their creation: CBD isolate, which we’ll focus on today, and full spectrum CBD.

All About Extraction

As mentioned above, CBD can be extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant, and it’s the extraction method which largely determines whether you’ll get CBD isolate, or full spectrum CBD at the end.

For CBD isolate, it’s usually extracted from hemp due to its lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. THC is the part of the cannabis plant that makes you feel high, unlike CBD which won’t make you high.

On the hemp (or cannabis) plant, tiny hair-like projections on the leaves, flowers and stems, known as trichomes, are the richest source of CBD. These are collected, and then supercritical carbon dioxide extraction is considered the best way to extract CBD from the plant material.

A waxy gold oil is harvested as a result of this method, and then to get CBD isolate the extract is further filtered and then ‘winterized’ (soaked in alcohol or frozen) to remove any unwanted material.

So, What Is Isolate CBD Oil?

Before you go searching for isolate CBD oil online in Australia, let’s get down to exactly what it is! As the name suggests, it’s the purest form of CBD you can get as it has been isolated from all other naturally occurring compounds, like terpenes, found within the hemp or cannabis plant. Typically, CBD isolate products should contain 100% pure CBD.

Is CBD Isolate the Best Type of CBD?

This is a more complicated question, and it comes down to your lifestyle and preference. As mentioned above, CBD isolate is pure CBD, so it’s had the naturally occurring compounds, like terpenes, as well as all traces of THC, removed. This means it has zero potential psychoactive effects and won’t come up in drug tests, which generally test for THC when it comes to cannabis. Also, if you’re travelling internationally, it is probably best to travel with CBD isolate for this reason.

We’ll get more into the benefits of terpenes below, but ultimately, CBD isolate is what you want to choose if you’re worried about any drug tests, and if you want an absolutely consistent experience. Consistent, why? Well, it’s 100% CBD, meaning every time you use it, it’ll be the exactly the same.

You can still get all the health benefits of CBD from isolate CBD oil online in Australia, such as helping to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more, but there’s an argument for terpenes maximising the healing properties of CBD which we’ll get to now.

Full Spectrum CBD and Terpenes

Unlike CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD has terpenes, and trace elements of THC in it (usually less than 0.3% which is legal in many parts of the USA, Canada, and the EU). There is growing research which shows that the benefits of CBD in treating anything, from anxiety through to epilepsy, are greater when the different naturally occurring compounds in the plant can work together. This is known as the entourage effect and is something we’ve covered in detail before.

Isolate CBD Oil Online in Australia

Ultimately, whether you choose CBD isolate, or full spectrum CBD, you can still reap the benefits of either. As said before, it comes down to your concerns, and perhaps beliefs or even preconceptions, about the cannabis and hemp plants.

Just remember, if you’re looking for isolate CBD oil online in Australia, be sure it’s premium by verifying the retailer has an independent laboratory certificate of analysis which details quality and purity, like ours do here.

Share Your Experiences

Have you tried both isolate CBD oil, and full spectrum CBD oil? What differences did you notice in treating your condition? We’d love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments below. And, as always, feel free to email us to ask any questions you may have.

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