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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Gummies: Good or Bad Idea?

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Gummies: Good or Bad Idea?

Appetizing and colourful, cannabidiol (CBD) gummies take on the shape, look, and even taste of the candies of our childhood. It makes you want to plunge your whole hand into thepack ad grab a mouthful! 

Yet, behind the coloured sugar, CBD gummies are unlike any other candy. They’re primarily intended to take advantage of the effects of cannabidiol and should therefore be used with a minimum of caution. We’ve written an introduction to CBD gummies before and in this article, we’ll tell you more about CBD gummies, their advantages and disadvantages, how to choose them and how to consume them safely. You can buy CBD gummies online in Australia via our store.

CBD Gummies: What Products Are Available on the Market?

Between legal limbo, meteoric market expansion, and start-ups flirting with the right thing, the cannabis industry sometimes shows us the worst and the best it can do. CBD gummies are a perfect example of this since you can find a bit of everything on the market. Some are looking for quality, with precisely dosed CBD, full-spectrum extracts to take advantage of the entourage effect, and explicit packaging on the contents of the package to distinguish them from the sweets that children are used to. Others, on the contrary, seek to ride the wave and offer carbon copies of our good old classic sweets, with more or less CBD inside, of more or less good quality.

The first step when faced with the desire to taste a CBD candy is therefore to choose it well and buy CBD gummies from a trusted store!

What Are the Effects of CBD Gummies?

The effects of CBD gummies are first and foremost the effects of CBD. Depending on their needs, consumers are looking for its relaxant, anti-inflammatory, sleep-promoting properties. However, to feel the effects of CBD, you need to consume a certain amount of it. Otherwise, you won’t feel anything, or at least not much. The lowest threshold mentioned is therefore 15 milligrams per person per day. In countries where medical cannabis is authorized, some prescriptions go up to several hundred milligrams.

It’s important to consume quality sweets, with a displayed and reasonable dosage, or to prefer to turn to other products such as CBD oils, hemp infusions, or concentrates. Buy CBD gummies only from a trusted online store.

For example, our Entourage Gummies contain 10 gummies with 300 mg of total active content (each gummy contains 30 mg of total active ingredients) while OG Kush Gummies contain 10 gummies with 600 mg of total active content (each gummy contains 60 mg of total active ingredients).

When you buy CBD gummies online in Australia, be careful. You don’t have to stuff yourself with CBD to feel the effects. However, it’s the merit of showing that a 5-milligram candy will certainly not do you much, and that’s normal.

Benefits of CBD Gummies

  • Discreet handling
  • Already dosed
  • Easy to store and transport
  • The taste of cannabis, unpleasant for some, is masked
  • Many flavors are available (fruits, plants, cola, etc.)
  • Effects felt longer than with CBD oil

Disadvantages of CBD Gummies

  • Less flexibility on the dose 
  • The effects take longer to manifest than with CBD oil
  • They can be confused with classic sweets (to be stored carefully!)
  • Many CBD gummies without real effects are marketed (especially low levels of CBD)

What to Know before Consuming Cannabidiol Gummies?


One of the great benefits of a CBD gummy is that it contains a fixed dose of CBD. Forget weighing or counting the ideal number of drops, any serious seller displays the dose of CBD (in milligrams) present in an individual candy. You can then easily let your candy melt in your mouth wherever and whenever you want, with complete discretion. If you aren’t sure of the ideal dosage, it’s better to take slightly less dosed candies, even if it means taking two and thus having more latitude once you’ve identified the quantity that best suits your body.

For example, many of our customers prefer our Entourage Gummies and say that 30 mg per gummy works perfectly for them. On the other hand, other customers say that OG Kush Gummies are more effective. It’s up to you!


As with any legal cannabis derivative product, it’s important to ensure the quality of the CBD candy before purchasing it. So, prefer specialized sellers who tell you the origin of the CBD, the concentration, and the complete list of ingredients in your candies. Ideally, prefer full-spectrum gummies, which offer better results at the same dosage. Also avoid brands using additives, dyes, or other undesirable ingredients (GMOs, traces of pesticides, or heavy metals in particular). Finally, the seller must be able to certify that the cannabis gummies don’t contain THC. The effects and consequences of cannabis gummies with THC are indeed quite different and potentially serious.

For example, our OG Kush Gummies contain CBD and CBG, with a terpene profile of the famous strain OG Kush. They’re organic, vegan, sour, fruity & THC-free. In addition, our Entourage Gummies contain CBD and CBG with a terpene profile of one of the most favored US strains, Blue Dream. They’re full-spectrum based, organic, vegan, sour, fruity, and high in CBC (4%). This clarity makes our customers trust our brand.

Final Thoughts

CBD gummies are a fun and convenient way to take CBD. You don’t need to worry about the dosage. Besides, they’re portable, tasty, and discreet. However, before taking any CBD products, you should consult your healthcare provider.

Yet, you need to buy CBD gummies from a trusted online store in Australia to make sure of the quality. At Down to Earth, all our products including CBD gummies are tested by independent labs to ensure their quality, dosage, efficacy, and purity. Before making a purchase, check the lab reports.

If you’ve any questions or want more information about CBD gummies or any other related topic, please leave a comment or contact us. We’ll be in touch with you and answer all your questions.

Enjoy the gummies!

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