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Fasting with CBD: How Does it Work?


Fasting is an old tradition in which foods are voluntarily and consciously avoided. It’s a battle of body and mind which may have some health benefits if handled properly. Today, we’re going to discuss what happens to the body when fasting, and why CBD oil may be an ideal partner for fasting.

What Does Fasting Mean?

Classic fasting describes the conscious avoidance of food and meals for a certain period of time. During this time, the body receives little or no calories, depending on the type of fasting,  comparable to a hunger period. Your body will then break down excess fats, etc., in order to sustain itself.

Gluconeogenesis and Ketogenesis Ensure the Energy Supply

Gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis are two amazing functions of metabolism. They help the body to have more energy when it is not supplied from the outside. In gluconeogenesis, glucose is produced from building blocks of proteins, amino acids, glycerine, lactate and pyruvate –this is primarily available to the nerve cells.

In ketogenesis, fatty acids that are released from fat reserves are converted into so-called ketone bodies. The body can use this to generate energy. So, during fasting, you may get your body to consume your excess flab and it’ll turn it into energy!

The ketone body acetone is responsible for the unpleasant breath you may experience with fasting. However, it shows that your body has adjusted to fasting and is now using its fat reserves to generate energy. This means bad breath = good benefits.

Without these switching processes, fasting for several days or weeks would not be possible. But not only that: as your fasting progresses, autophagy also comes into play. This is known as the body’s own garbage disposal unit which may help your digestive system, and overall gut health in the long run. 

Fasting With CBD

While fasting has many health benefits, it also puts stress on the body. When the desire for sweet products comes to mind and the stomach yearns for sugary treats, you may find it hard to focus or have any willpower to abstain from your urges. CBD oil products online may help to prevent you from being thrown off course so easily when fasting, for more stamina and less stress.

Like fasting itself, CBD aims to naturally increase general wellbeing, via the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). You can read more about the ECS here, we’ve written a lot about it! In this way, cannabidiol may promote mental and physical balance and support the immune and digestive systems.

CBD may help:

  • Curb your appetite.
  • Increase fat burning.
  • Improve the quality of sleep.
  • Promote general well-being.

Do CBD Products Interrupt the Fast?

Especially when fasting, you pay particular attention to what you eat. We therefore recommend pure CBD oil products online with a high-quality carrier oil as a base so as not to affect the blood sugar level during fasting. A few CBD drops have hardly any calories and can therefore be integrated into the routine depending on the fasting period.

Can Fasting Be Dangerous?

In general, every healthy person can fast, but the increased calorie reduction can also have negative consequences: depending on the type and duration of the fast, the nutrient supply can be endangered. Older people, pregnant women, breastfeeding women as well as young people and children should therefore refrain from fasting, as well as people with health problems. Fasting can affect the way drugs and other medication can work as well. We always recommend you consult your health professional before undergoing any fast for their professional medical opinion.

Another Fasting Plus: More Time for More Things

Cooking, prepping, and eating aside, many things that are left out during fasting, this can be viewed as time gained that can now be filled with other ways to perfect your health and mental well-being. Fasting not only leads to physical changes through discipline, but can also lead you into ways to change your mental discipline –such as learning new relaxation techniques or meditation.

Final Thoughts

Compared to conventional diets, classic fasting is used for mental and physical cleansing –weight loss is only one possible positive side effect that may be achieved. The anti-aging enzymes should be activated in the course of a fast, too. Another bonus!

Therapeutic and intermittent fasting are two methods whose positive effects on the body have already been scientifically proven in Australia. Intermittent fasting is particularly popular because it is easy to implement in everyday life. However, abstaining from food requires willpower: CBD oil products online may help to create more serenity and stamina.

If you’ve had experience with CBD oil and fasting, let us know in the comments below! And as always, if you have any questions, ask away by contacting us here.

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