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Golden Oil: CBD and Curcumin Combined

CBD and Curcumin Combined

The spice turmeric is mainly known from the intense yellow curries it’s used in, and is also the most important ingredient for an Indian drink known as golden milk (you might have heard of it, it’s been gaining popularity in Australia for several years).

The stunning colour of turmeric comes from curcumin, which is a plant substance that has an antioxidant effect and can do a lot of good for your cells, joints and intestines. You could say curcumin is to turmeric as to what CBD products are to hemp: an ingredient with many good properties that we have not yet explored properly!

So, is there a reason for combining the two into one product and enjoying the benefits of both CBD oil products online and curcumin? Let’s find out!

What Is Turmeric Anyway?

Turmeric is a plant native to southern Asia that belongs to the ginger family. Just like giner, turmeric uses the root of the plant as the spice/the thing we eat. In terms of taste, however, the two plants are very different. While ginger is best known for its fresh spiciness, turmeric is characterized by a slightly bitter taste and only weak spiciness and sweet notes.

In India, turmeric is not only popular as a component of many curry mixes in the kitchen, but has also been used as a medicinal plant in Ayurveda for thousands of years. In modern medicine today, people have become aware of turmeric and its properties, like the curcuminoids, among which curcumin in particular has aroused the interest of researchers, as well as regular people looking at alternative medicines.

What Can Curcumin Made from Turmeric Be Good For?

It’ll certainly take a few years before science has unlocked all the secrets of the substance curcumin, just like how CBD oil products online is being treated now! However, initial research and regular people using curcumin suggest a lot of good things.

First up, curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that can protect cells and has anti-inflammatory effects. The many other areas of application, in which people have already had good experience or scientists see potential for curcumin include:

  • Stomach and intestinal problems: indigestion and nausea as well as loss of appetite
  • Inflammatory joint disease
  • Skin problems
  • Problems with obesity
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Period pain
  • Possibly: Slower the formation of cancerous tumours
  • Possibly: Delay in the onset of Alzheimer’s

The last two points in particular still need to be explored in depth, but there is evidence that curcumin curbs the proliferation of cancer cells and slows the loss of strength in brain cells with age, which in turn could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. Either way, it’s all great stuff.

What you can definitely see today is that the areas of application of curcumin and CBD partially overlap and complement each other. So, why not combine the power of both plant substances in one oil online in Australia? You can very easily do this at home yourself, but what are the benefits?

CBD and Curcumin for Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The combination of CBD and curcumin from turmeric is probably a good idea for anyone who wants to feel better and more relaxed all around. You see, both plant substances can have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Curcumin also has the advantages described above, and CBD oil products online extend this spectrum to include possible benefits such as help with sleep problems, headaches and much more. Among other things, the mixture of CBD oil with turmeric components is particularly recommended to potentially assist with:

  • Faster recover after a workout
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Inflammation
  • Reduced anxiety, or illogical fear
  • Possible relaxation from period pain

So that everyone can find the right oil for themselves, we have different mixtures in our range that are adapted for your needs. Especially if any of the above points are relevant to you, the combination of both plant substances can be very supportive for your system.

Final Thoughts

This ‘golden oil’ as it’s being referred to doesn’t always necessarily mean a straight mix of CBD oil products online and turmeric, but you can also do just that if you like! However, it’s more of a creative way of utilizing both, to get greater benefits from both. If you feel like putting the two together, it’s completely up to you, but we recommend giving it a try.

You can mix it with any of our oils, and get the golden oil goodness happening! This is one of those creations where you can really let your creativity go wild, and we at Down to Earth would love to see any creations our lovely customers make, so be sure to tag us on our Instagram with all your premium yummy, and healthy treats!

As always, be sure to check with your health care professional prior to starting any new supplements, though! And if you have any questions, feel free to drop a line in the comments section, or email us here.

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