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Healthy Skin with No More Itching – Thanks to CBD

Healthy Skin with No More Itching - Thanks to CBD

CBD for Skin Diseases

The receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) are located throughout the body, as well as in the skin. (We’ve written about the ECS in great detail before here.)

For the skin, cannabidiol (CBD) skincare products online in Australia help to ensure the balance between the build-up, maintenance and timely breakdown of old skin cells. (Luke, use the force (of CBD))! A disruption to this delicate balance can lead to various clinical complications, including acne, psoriasis and even cancer. 

Likewise, an imbalance within this complex interplay increases the likelihood of allergic and overactive or misdirected reactions. Without getting too technical, there are many receptors in the skin that respond to CBD oil, and using CBD-containing creams, and similar CBD skincare products online in Australia can help treat a variety of issues.

CBD is Helpful for Psoriasis and Healthy Skin

Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that’s often genetic. It’s characterized by local, reddened areas that are covered with silvery, shiny skin flakes that are very itchy and uncomfortable. It has so far been considered incurable and only the symptoms can be alleviated. It’s rough…

Psoriasis is one of the autoimmune diseases in which the patient’s immune system overreacts to attack, as well as damage, the body’s own tissues. For psoriasis patients, lipid-replenishing creams and skin-nourishing oil baths are used, which contain high-quality fats. It not only reduces the skin flakiness but also achieves an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why cortisone is used very often. 

Immunomodulating substances and drugs that are said to have a positive effect on the overactive immune system can also be used. It’s interesting that CBD, like the sun vitamin D3, also exhibits immunoregulatory properties. A study from 2006 showed that high-dose creams made from cannabinoids were quite effective against annoying itching for psoriasis patients. 

According to a scientific manual on the medical use of CBD, oral, vaporized and smoked intake of cannabinoids and cannabis acts as an immediate treatment for itching. Therefore, high-quality CBD oil could be used both externally and internally for treating itchy and inflamed skin. 

This fact should be interesting even for users who regularly consume CBD hash / resin. Numerous publications mention the positive influence on health of using CBD hash / resin, CBD oils and CBD flowers.

Healthy Skin: Thanks to CBD Relief with Neurodermatitis

A rash is usually an irritation or inflammation that can have a variety of causes. Skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne and neurodermatitis are sometimes associated with redness, swelling, pain, itching and burning of the skin. Another dermatological study showed that CBD skincare products online in Australia can assist with acne as well as some forms of rashes.

Children suffer a lot from skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. Facing the urge to itch and scratch the skin, they often end up scratching themselves severely, leading to further inflammation. Not easy on the children, or on the parents! How exactly the phytocannabinoids in CBD oil influence the health of the skin is the subject of further research, but initial findings are promising (and many of our customers report great results).

However, current studies have already established that cannabinoids, which are part of CBD oils, and CBD topicals, can develop antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipruritic properties.

How Effectively Can CBD Fight Annoying Itchy Skin?

Many patients with inflammatory skin problems are regularly prescribed cortisone preparations. CBD can be considered as an alternative to conventional anti-inflammatory products. The essential fatty acids alone, which are contained in high-quality CBD oils, can help to significantly support the natural protective function of the skin. 

If you want to buy CBD oil, you should choose a high-quality product because only a good quality product contains these fatty acids, which are so important for the body. However, always speak with your medical professional to try and get to the bottom of the cause before treating any symptoms first.

Final Thoughts

If you’re facing issues like acne, redness, rashes, swelling, pain, itching or burning of the skin, you might want to give CBD skincare products online Australia a try. They could solve the biggest skincare problem you’re facing!

We already know the CBD is one of many cannabinoids that CBD has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial and antipruritic properties. So, it’s really not suprising that cannabis has been used for the treatment of skin problems!

As always, though, make sure that wherever you buy your CBD products from have independent lab tests on their products for purity and potency so you can be sure of what you’re getting, like we do here.

Do contact us for any further questions! We’re available for you with all of our hearts and minds.

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