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Hemp and Green Building: This News Shows the Potential of Hemp in the Construction Sector

Hemp and Green Building This News Shows the Potential of Hemp in the Construction Sector

The hemp plant has been accompanying humans for thousands of years, and it wasn’t always politicized as a mind-altering drug. On the contrary, today CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD topicals and other products have now established themselves in the health scene (we’ve written an article about legalizing medical cannabis in Australia which you can read here). Customers who have purchased our premium hemp oils, for example, have let us know how they’ve been helped with many health conditions in their reviews here.

In the past, the plant was often used in textiles and sailing ships, and it’s got such a wide range of potential that it really boggles the mind. Hemp’s long been considered a valuable element for building houses, too. However, until recently, it was mainly used for better insulation. 

Today, though, hemp bricks are considered an innovative renewal of the ecological construction sector because hemp has an amazing number of properties that can be used in the field of biological construction. Let’s unpack that…

The Benefits of Hemp in Construction

Today, hemp is processed into hemp bricks, insulating wool, and floor panels. In advance, the so-called hemp concrete is made from hemp together with limestone and water, which can be poured into different shapes as required. The hempcrete weighs only a sixth of what conventional concrete weighs. 

Another advantage of this innovative building material in brick form is its fire resistance. The heat storage and thermal conductivity of this hemp concrete, whether as hemp bricks or floor panels, are clear advantages that hemp brings to ecological house construction.

Hemp Insulation Against Mould Growth

Anyone who uses hemp as an insulating material can thus prevent the formation of mould indoors, which is harmful to health. Because hemp absorbs moisture from the air, mould rarely develops in houses with hemp as insulation. 

The initial purchase of hemp concrete involves quite a high investment cost compared to regular concrete, but these’re worthwhile over time as they can save immense energy costs.

Advantages of Hemp from an Ecological Point of View

For ecological reasons, too, it’s advisable to pay more attention to hemp as a building element. The hemp plant is one of the fast-growing plants. Therefore, the renewable raw material of hemp is always readily available. 

Building with hemp is also a step ahead in terms of sustainability. Even recycling is possible with non-toxic hemp as a raw material since it doesn’t have to be disposed of like hazardous waste.

Hemp also plays an interesting role in soil preparation in agriculture. The hemp plant absorbs heavy metals and other toxins from the soil without storing them in its plant parts.

Hemp Cultivation: Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly

Whether medicinal hemp or EU-certified industrial hemp, hemp plants don’t need pesticides or herbicides to grow into healthy and strong plants. There’re no environmentally harmful processes either in the cultivation or in the demolition of houses built from hemp bricks.

Hemp is considered one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials of all. Corresponding buildings are therefore of high quality with many advantages for people and the environment.

Green Building with Hemp Is Internationally Successful

Whether in Asia, the USA, or Europe: Hempcrete, especially in the form of hemp bricks, is now used worldwide. Historic buildings in particular benefit from the properties of hempcrete. In the course of complex restorations, this also fits in visually with the ambiance of older architectural styles made of historical building materials. 

No wonder, then, that hemp has found its way here as an environmentally friendly and resource-saving component for residential and office buildings. 

Living in Hemp-Based Buildings

Anyone who lives in a hemp-based building knows about the numerous advantages. In this way, residents of a ‘hemp house’ save money every month right from the start. Because of the heat storage, they heat much less than residents of conventional buildings. 

There’s also no need to ventilate with the help of complex ventilation systems since normal ventilation is completely sufficient even in large apartments.

Hemp: The Price Is Hot!

Unfortunately, ignorance and the still-high price keep many builders from building with hemp concrete and hemp insulating wool. In addition, the cultivation of hemp plants – whether as medicinal hemp or industrial hemp – is subject to strict regulations (which we have covered before in this article). This makes it difficult for some potential hemp farmers to cultivate this valuable raw material. So, despite the great demand, not enough hemp is grown for green building yet! 

Final Thoughts

For the time being, hemp remains a coveted but often unaffordable raw material. Over time, though, we think the benefits of hemp will catch on in the mainstream construction industry. It took the CBD industry a while to convince the world of the benefits of this precious plant, and look where we’re at now! Today you can buy premium hemp oils online from our store among men!

It’s also highly recommended to buy premium hemp oils from trusted stores only. For example, we work with independent laboratories to test our products and make sure that they’re pure and effective, and you can see those reports here. Finally, contact us if you’ve any questions or want more information about any topic regarding hemp and CBD in general. It’s our favourite topic, and we always love hearing from people.

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