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How Marijuana Could Take Over the Auto Business

How Marijuana Could Take Over the Auto Business

Despite the somewhat dubious reputation, the hemp plant has now established itself in many areas of life. It’s become known, among other things in pop culture, as a plant that gets you high. 

However, medical hemp for various diseases or dietary supplements such as CBD oil products have also become popular. You can now buy CBD Oil online in Australia easily. But whether in the form of CBD flowers and CBD hash/resin, as a base for cosmetics (we’ve covered this topic) or as a high-free alternative to THC-rich hash: the hemp plant is proving to be a plant whose broad potential is far from being exhausted. 

Few people know that hemp can even be used as an alternative building element in the construction industry (read our post on hemp and green building here), thus enabling environmentally friendly and resource-saving construction. But that’s not all: the car industry is also interested in this tried and tested plant –and not just recently – Down To Earth Edibles.

Unique: Henry Ford’s ‘Hemp Car’ from 1941

What if there was an environmentally friendly car that even had more performance potential than conventional cars? Sound like fantasy? Distant dreams of the future? Nope! 

Numerous components of a car could just as easily be made of hemp fibers and thus replace environmentally harmful plastic, among other things. This is because fibers of the hemp plant are considered to be extremely tear-resistant and resilient and can be used wherever these properties are required. 

Anyone who thinks that the innovative idea of ​​a hemp car only came about today is wrong again, too. None other than Henry Ford was the builder of a car built in 1941, the body of which consisted largely of hemp fibers. Hemp oil and methanol from hemp fibers were also used. The stability of the body is said to have been ten times greater than that of conventional materials!!!

Hemp Ethanol Instead of Gasoline

But the idea of ​​a ‘car of the future’ made of hemp isn’t entirely off the table. It’s true that the high purchase price, in particular, makes it difficult to use hemp as a substitute for numerous other elements in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, another possibility to use environmentally friendly hemp gives hope for an early change. This hope is based on the idea of ​​driving cars with ethanol made from hemp or biodiesel instead of gasoline. While biodiesel can be produced from the seeds of the hemp plant, ethanol is mainly obtained from plant material, such as stalks.

A Car Made from Natural Fibers

Hemp and natural fibers are suitable for use in automotive construction for several reasons: they’re very light, stable under load, and, actually, inexpensive. After all, an average of 7 kilograms of a modern car consists of natural fibers. In addition to flax, banana, and coconut fibers, hemp fibers are also used. Hemp fibers are already in use, especially for seatbacks. The car manufacturer Lotus is even said to produce body parts and spoilers for one of its car brands based on hemp fibers!

Revolution in Sight

Automotive engineer Nathan Armstrong also believes hemp far outperforms many other materials in every way. Whether it’s the extreme durability or other performances of hemp fiber blends, hemp is gaining ground and seems to be leading to another small revolution in the automotive industry. Since the hemp fibers have been used in a braided form, the production costs have dropped enormously. This’s because you can get by with much less expensive resin in production. The material woven in this way is even considered to be more resistant and smoother than conventional glass fiber.

Dietzen and the Canna Cars

The American Bruce Dietzen also takes the car manufacturer Ford as a model. He uses 3 layers of hemp fibers that are stably woven together for his Canna-Autos. The result: the cars look as if they’re made of steel and are at least as break-resistant. As much as 100 pounds of hemp and the plant’s resin were incorporated into the bodywork of each car. Despite all the impact resistance and hardness, this’s extremely light and more resistant than steel, which dents relatively quickly. The construction of his prototype cost Dietzen around 200,000 dollars, but if you scaled this up then you could drastically reduce that cost.

Final Thoughts

Maybe someday we’ll be able to fill up on cannabis fuel or drive hemp cars made mostly of hemp like Bruce Dietzen’s. At the moment, such cars and fuel don’t seem to be affordable for everyone. But the more companies, entrepreneurs, and producers rely on this renewable raw material, the sooner this dream can become reality. Nowadays, people can buy CBD oil online in Australia for their managing many health issues such as chronic pain and anxiety.

Notice that you should buy CBD oil online in Australia from reputable stores only such as our store. All our products are tested by independent labs to ensure their safety and quality. You can check the reports here, and always check with your health professional before beginning new supplements. Of course, if you’ve any questions, you can either leave a comment or contact us. We’ll provide you with all the information you need about CBD oil, hemp, how to buy online products in Australia, and all related topics on this front. J

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