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How to Choose the Best Quality CBD Infused Honey: Tips and Tricks


With CBD oil all the rage in the last few years – and for good reason – it was only a matter of time before another of nature’s superfoods was going to be combined with CBD.

Introducing Down To Earth’s CBD honey! By infusing raw, Australian honey with CBD oil, you not only get a delicious and healthy addition to your diet jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients, you’re also getting all the many benefits of CBD.

Like CBD, honey is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for thousands of years across a range of cultures as a natural remedy from many ailments and diseases, ranging from pain relief to skin issues and wound healing.

Before we jump into how Down To Earth’s CBD honey can help you, it’s really important that the CBD honey you buy is a quality product.

Tips and tricks for choosing the best quality CBD honey

1. Check the source of the honey

The quality of the honey used in CBD honey or CBD edibles is critical. It’s especially important that the honey is raw, unprocessed and high quality.

Down To Earth’s CBD honey is produced in the world-famous and pristine environment around Byron Bay. Unlike other brands, we’re able to fully quality control the honey because it’s produced in our own backyard. Our bees are happy and healthy – that’s the bees’ knees!

2. Check the CBD content

When choosing a CBD honey, check the CBD content per serving. It’s really important that the CBD honey has enough CBD in it to ensure you’re getting the benefits and desired results.

You only need one teaspoon of Down To Earth’s CBD honey per serve, with 420 milligrams of CBD per jar. This means you’re not wasting money buying large quantities of expensive CBD honey that gives you little benefit.

3. Check the potency of the CBD

The potency of a CBD honey product is essential to determine the honey’s effectiveness. Only buy products that have been tested by independent labs.

All Down To Earth’s products, including our CBD honey, have been tested by independent labs. And because we’re all about transparency, you can find these independent lab reports on our website.

4. Check for additives or artificial flavours

Choose a CBD honey that contains only natural ingredients – avoid honey that contains additives or artificial flavours. A good rule of thumb is if an ingredient list has a bunch of ingredients you’ve never heard of, can’t pronounce easily or contain chemicals listed with numbers, it’s probably not something you want to put into your body.

Down To Earth’s CBD honey contains only three ingredients: raw honey, CBD and reishi mushroom. These mushrooms promote sleep, fight infection and boost the immune system. Combining reishi mushroom with honey and CBD, you’re getting a big hit of antioxidants and relaxation!

5. Only buy from a reputable brand like Down To Earth

Only buy CBD honey from a reputable company that uses only high-quality, all-natural ingredients. And make sure you look at the customer reviews!

At Down To Earth, we only sell premium CBD products. Just ask our customers – we have almost 5000 independently verified reviews with a rating of 4.75/5.

Now we’ve worked out that Down To Earth is the best place to get quality, Australian CBD honey, let’s take a look at how CBD honey may help you.

Is CBD honey beneficial for anxiety?

Yes, CBD honey may be beneficial for anxiety. CBD has been found to alleviate anxiety levels and promote relaxation. Our honey is also rich in nutrients, like vitamins B and C, which can help boost mood and improve overall mental health.

CBD also increases serotonin in the brain and can help decrease cortisol, the stress hormone, further helping with sleep.

Does CBD honey make you sleepy?

CBD honey doesn’t make you sleepy, but it helps with sleep. CBD honey may make you feel relaxed and calm, which can help you fall asleep more easily, thereby helping regulate sleep patterns and your body’s circadian rhythm, which is our natural body clock that is set to a roughly 24 hour cycle.

So, while CBD itself doesn’t make you sleepy, it can help alleviate the causes of insomnia or poor quality sleep, like anxiety or restlessness.

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