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How to Eliminate THC Quickly

How to Eliminate THC Quickly

Let’s put an end to the suspense right away. There’s only one way not to test positive for THC: don’t consume marijuana or, more generally, any product derived from cannabis containing THC (Read more about the active ingredients of Marijuana). That helps right? Jokes aside, all the solutions for getting rid of THC fast are just ways to more or less reduce the period during which tetrahydrocannabinol is traceable in saliva, urine, or blood. None is therefore guaranteed and they can also be more or less effective depending on the individual. However, they do exist, and we’ll tell you about them in detail in this guide.

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How to Remove THC from the Body?

Some will obviously argue that THC is illegal and that, therefore, if we consume it anyway, it’s at our own risk. And too bad if a screening test comes back positive, we were warned. However, consuming THC isn’t illegal everywhere. It’s even quite the opposite since more and more countries authorize it, or in any case no longer penalize it, including for consumption for recreational purposes.

Returning from a trip across the Atlantic or after a foggy weekend in Amsterdam, you can be in your right mind and still have a few molecules of THC wandering around in your body. If by chance you’re to be tested, you’d therefore risk having problems. The risk is however more or less important according to the sauce with which you’re going to be eating. Indeed, the THC molecule remains traceable differently depending on the test performed. Or rather, depending on the part of the body concerned. Each test, therefore, involves a more or less long THC detox.

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Factors Influencing How Long THC Is Traceable

We don’t all “store” THC in the same way. Several factors can encourage or, on the contrary prevent, our body from eliminating it quickly.

  • Genetics
  • Physical build
  • The potency of the cannabis consumed
  • Quantity consumed
  • Frequency of consumption
  • Type of metabolism
  • Hydration level
  • Percentage of adipose cells (the fat in our body)

Now that we’ve assessed all the data on hand to know the risks and the duration during which it’s reasonable to worry about a screening test, let’s get down to business: how to eliminate THC quickly from the different areas of our body in which it likes to hide! Let’s start with the most common test: the salivary test. But before that, if you want to buy CBD edibles, our online store has the best online collection of CBD products in Australia.

THC Detox: Go Negative on the Saliva Test (THC/THC-A)

The internet is full of tips and tricks to get rid of THC from your saliva faster. Some are just urban legends; others provide mixed results. So, the best advice we can give you is simply to get self-tests and, when in doubt (before driving), to test yourself. The self-tests are very easy to use. You usually only need to drop a little saliva on a special strip and, about ten minutes later, you know whether or not you’re still positive for THC. Simple!

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How to Eliminate THC in the Blood /Urine Quickly?

To confirm a saliva test or when the suspicion doesn’t arise on the day of consumption, the saliva test is replaced or supplemented with a blood test or urinalysis. The blood test allows in this case to go back further in time, and the urine analysis even more. Again, if you’re caught in the act, eliminating THC quickly enough to test negative is tricky. If the blood test is planned, you can nevertheless try one of the following methods. However, all of them have their limits and remain “grandmother’s remedies” which may or may not work.

Drink Water, Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is the basis of what is called the dilution technique. It simply consists in diluting the urine sufficiently so that the rate of metabolites is less than 50 ng/ml, the amount usually sufficient to render a test positive. Two hours before the test, drink at least one glass of water every 15 minutes, until you’ve drunk at least one liter. Also, be sure to urinate while drinking to “empty” the undiluted urine. When it’s time to take the test, start urinating in the toilet and then fill in your sample. This doesn’t in any way eliminate the THC but helps to dilute your urine enough to hope for a negative test. Don’t drink gallons and gallons of water either: not only do you risk having to retake a test if your urine is too clear, but it’s also dangerous for your health!

Adapt Your Diet

In addition to good hydration, a specific diet can help you eliminate THC. Modern urine tests, for example, look for the presence of creatinine: if there isn’t any, you’ve probably diluted your urine, you little cheater. Eating a lot of red meat the day before a test can therefore help avoid discovering the deception. Some food supplements, especially those rich in zinc or charcoal may also help eliminate THC faster. Be careful, however, not to take supplements at random, especially if you’re taking any treatment. The best response is then to speak to a doctor or, at the very least, to a pharmacist.

Final Words

While THC continues to be banned in many countries, this isn’t the case for cannabis in general. At least not in all its forms. The CBD-cannabis is indeed completely legal and, if consumed intelligently, it won’t be enough to make a positive test.

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