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Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse CBD Cultivation: The Differences Explained

Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse CBD Cultivation: The Differences Explained

There are several options available for growing hemp, and these are used for the strains and seeds to grow in the best possible way for maximum yield of CBD and premium hemp oils (among other things). What yields you get, and what you’re aiming for (such as a potential high THC content), can depend on whether you’re growing indoors, cultivating outdoors, or via greenhouse.

It should always be stressed that the seeds used in our products meet maximum quality standards, and we have our certificates to prove it! This blog is purely for educational purposes, and we hope you find it interesting and learn a little something about our oil!

For a Year-Round Harvest: Growing CBD Plants Indoors

Makes sense, right? Growing indoors, means growing all year, which means more product. The room in which the plants are grown has a temperature between 15 and 24 degrees and good ventilation, because fresh air is essential for growing plants, just as it is for growing humans! Proper lighting is also required, and most indoor farms use ordinary fluorescent lights, as well as LED lights. They may use red, blue or ultraviolet (blacklight) LEDs. The blacklight requires less electricity and does not generate heat. In this way, even in the later stages, when the light is close to the top of the plant, there is no risk of fire. All of which is a plus for growing plants!

Once they have been planted, certain lighting conditions are used for indoor farms. So, when you’re growing the plant, it receives 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness. However, with twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness, it begins to bloom. Thanks to technology, this is easy to regulate with a timer. This will directly affect the size of the plant and obviously, the harvest, so optimal growth is essential.

A fan ensures a sufficient supply of fresh air when growing indoors in the grow box or grow room, as it’s called. Now with all these benefits, why doesn’t everyone grow indoors? Well, you’re limited to the size of the room you can build and maintain, so a lot more upfront cost, and less overall production, hence why it only sits at about 20% of all production, as of the time of this blog. But, that’s how you grow hemp plants indoors!

Inexpensive and High Yield: Growing CBD Plants Outdoors

The outdoor cultivation of CBD flowers offers some advantages. With optimal conditions, some hemp plants can grow up to six meters high and bring bigger harvests with them. Natural sunlight and fresh air aren’t in short supply when outdoors, and there’s no complex and expensive installations required, like with the other two options.

Anyone who grows outdoors usually has no problem with space and can let nature take its course! The number one enemy of growing outdoors…Is mould. The mould likes to show itself in rainy summers. Here it is important to use seeds that are particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation, but will require more maintenance than indoor cultivating.

Varieties with a low CBD content are suitable for outdoor cultivation. A common method is to pre-grow the plants indoors and transplant them to the wild after about four to seven weeks. Then you let nature do the rest!

From this point on, the progress of the plants should be checked at least once a week, watering if necessary and then waiting for flowering. You can determine the right time for harvest based on the flowers. The inner part of the flower should change from white to reddish brown and small resin balls – the so-called trichomes – become visible. When those turn golden yellow, it’s harvest time baby!

The Middle Ground: Growing CBD Plants in a Greenhouse

Between outdoor and indoor production is a greenhouse. Depending on the technology used, costs can vary pretty greatly. Why’s this? Well, greenhouses come in a wide range of build quality, from simple plastic greenhouses to premium fully equipped industrial versions.

The greenhouse effect ensures stable temperatures in the greenhouse and sunlight saves the installation of complex lighting installations. It is important that a ventilation system is installed, as temperatures above 25 degrees will considerably reduce growth of the plants. And, mother nature determines the flowering time, as per usual. If the farmer wants to determine the cycle themselves, you also need a lighting or heating system, as you would find in indoor farms.

High quality seeds are also a must for greenhouse and create premium hemp oils. It is essential to start growing early so that the plants have enough time to go through the vegetative phase. As far as watering the plants and the correct harvest time, it is the same as the outdoor cultivation process.


We hope you learnt something new about CBD and premium hemp oils, and how they’re made at the earliest stages! Maybe you have an interest in farming, or perhaps just a keen interest in CBD, but either way, we hope you enjoyed what you read online with us!

For buying CBD products made with these awesome feats of human engineering and ingenuity, there’s no better place than our store. We have recognition for all these farmers’ hard work with our certificates, and we have the recognition of our hard work with over 2000 of our customer reviews and counting!

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