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Can Isolate CBD Oil Online Help with Hangovers?


Whether it was the festive season, the ongoing psychological impacts of the pandemic, or simply a Friday night, chances are you’ve had a hangover recently. As we all know, the more you drink, the worse you’ll feel the next day.

Headache, nausea, anxiety, feeling blue, difficulty concentrating –these are just some of the symptoms a hangover can present. Why, why do we do this to ourselves, people?! Sure, having fun with friends and enjoying a delicious drink is great. We’re not arguing that.

But you’ve got to remember, pure alcohol is actually a poison and can seriously damage the brain and body. Painkillers and antinausea meds can help, but they can further stress the liver which you’ve already overtaxed by drinking. Could there be an organic product that might be a better, healthier alternative?

How Does CBD Help with Hangovers?

Up until recently, there was only one clinical study in 2013 on how cannabidiol (CBD) might help minimise the harmful effects of alcohol and rats were the test subjects. The researchers applied CBD oil to the skin of half of the test rats, and then gave all of the rodents life-threatening levels of alcohol to the point where it produced seizures as a result of extreme neurodegeneration (killing brain cells) in the poor things. The study found that CBD decreased neurodegeneration by close to 50%!

More recently, two human studies took place in 2019. The first study found that CBD “reduces alcohol-related brain damage, preventing neuronal loss by its antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties”, and also “reduces alcohol-related steatosis and fibrosis in the liver by reducing lipid accumulation, stimulating autophagy, modulating inflammation, reducing oxidative stress”. The second study reached the same conclusions, but also found that CBD reduced the desire to drink alcohol, and also reduced alcohol-related anxiety.

These studies showed that CBD can directly help minimise the negative effects of alcohol on our brains and livers, which is incredible in itself. Isolate CBD oil online looks like a very effective hangover treatment, but there are other ways it can help with symptoms, too!


We’ve written about how CBD can help with pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This is true even for chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, and there are many studies showing CBD is highly effective in treating pain –and with none of the damaging effects of pharmaceutical painkillers!


Another well researched topic we’ve covered is how CBD helps with nausea. This is achieved in a number of ways, partly due to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, and also how it interacts with the brain and serotonin which then affects feelings in the tummy.


This is perhaps one of the most well-known and researched aspects of CBD. Again, due to how CBD works with the body’s ECS and our serotonin levels, CBD can greatly reduce anxiety. A large number of our customers use CBD for anxiety because of just how effective it is.


In a 2014 study, it was found the CBD delivered antidepressant effects as a result of how the brain’s receptors responded to serotonin. We’ve covered this here in detail, so if you’re struggling with depression in general (rather than just feeling blue after drinking too much), please have a read.

Difficulty Concentrating

In 2018, a clinical study on CBD found that it can improve concentration, focus, and even help boost memory retention. Similarly, a 2020 study found that CBD improved cognitive function. If you’ve got work the day after heavily drinking, this may be a godsend!

Why Isolate CBD Oil, and not Full Spectrum?

Is isolate CBD oil online, or full spectrum CBD oil, better for hangovers? Well, it comes down to your employer and travel plans, really! This is something we’ve covered in depth here, but, in short, if you’re worried about a drug test or are going to travel internationally, then isolate CBD oil is the best way to go for legal reasons as it has zero THC. However, if these are not concerns, full spectrum CBD has been to shown to have potentially greater health benefits.

Final Thoughts

There’s a strong argument here, based on direct studies of CBD and alcohol, and indirect studies on the benefits of CBD, to say that CBD can help with hangovers –and also reduce your desire to drink.

If you’re looking to buy isolate CBD oil online, be sure to check the manufacturer has independent laboratory tests for potency and purity so you know what you’re getting, like ours do here. As always, talk to your health professional before starting any new supplements, however.

Used CBD oil recently to help with a hangover? Let us know in the comments! And if you have any questions, feel free to email us. We’re here to help.

And now, it’s time for a glass of red!

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