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The Power of CBD Edibles

Cannabidiol is everywhere, and lately it can be found in anything ranging from candies to coffee, cocktails, and beauty products. While you will never get high with CBD, the organically grown hemp oil in Australia, the United States and other European countries can help with different ailments, including stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Unlike vape pens and CBD tinctures – which might earn you some weird looks in public – CBD edibles can be used seamlessly.

CBD edibles are an increasingly popular way to ingest CBD. Down To Earth has successfully used both full spectrum and THC free CBD oil to make vegan chocolates, gummies and Reishi honey!  The perfect “on the go” munchies, and honey being the best night cap, full of immune boosting properties!

How Long Does It Take for CBD Edibles to Act in the Body?

Generally, CBD influences how the body’s endocannabinoid system works. CBD edibles, when eaten, take a little longer to become active. That’s because they must pass through the digestive system before their components can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

A typical CBD Edible usually becomes effective within 1-2 hours after its consumption. The time varies and depends on your digestive system. Although CBD edibles take longer to become active, they provide several health benefits to the body.

Medical CBD ChocolatesCBD Edibles Provide Long-Lasting Pain Relief.

Many people praise the calming sensation and long-lasting pain relief they feel after taking CBD edibles. While they might take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to become effective, their effect usually lasts longer than most other forms of CBD administration.

When you take CBD edibles, the active compounds go through the digestive system and are slowly taken to the rest of the body, providing a long-term CBD experience.

CBD, a Non-Psychotropic Compound

CBD, the cultivated hemp in Australia, the United States, and other European countries is a cannabis compound. That’s why many people automatically believe that it contains the THC compound, which gives the ‘high’ feeling. But that’s not the case: CBD edibles will never get you high. Instead, you’ll experience gentle mood uplift and a happy feeling of positive energy.

This positive energy, combined with the long-lasting nature of the CBD edibles, provides long term relief from chronic pain and other forms of stress.

General home remedy

There are several ongoing researches on other ways to use CBD as a medicine. Already, particular CBD-based pharmaceutical drug has successfully treated some cases of epilepsy during a clinical trial. You can benefit from CBD even without a severe medical condition.

CBD edibles as a First-aid supplement and for mild ailments

Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used to relieve headache, joint pain, or a post-injury treatment. However, research and clinical tests have confirmed CBD edibles to work similarly to these over-the-counter solutions without experiencing side effects like a stomach ulcer.

CBD edibles as a THC counterbalance

CBD will offset any psychoactive effect of THC. So if you take for some reason THC-dominant cannabis, the organically grown CBD in Australia, United States, European countries can easily counterbalance its psychoactive effects.

Easy Dosing

You can easily dose a CBD edible because you know the potency of each edible. So you’re responsible for how many you take. The easy dosing lets you take candy to gain focus for the afternoon study.

Extremely Tolerable

CBD edibles are generally tolerable. You will need to eat too many to see its ‘minimal’ side effect (too much of everything is terrible). Studies further confirmed that sometimes, CBD edibles cancel the need to use medications.

Conclusively, our full spectrum CBD edibles contain the federal regulated THC of 0.3%. That means you’ll receive a small THC amount when you consume one and the benefits of the entourage effect are precious.   Our THC free edibles (gummies) also include the CBDV cannabinoid which has its own array of benefits.

Many providers sell CBD edibles online, but the main thing is to understand their concentration and associated lab reports for the products you are buying.  Check out our list of CBD edibles and email us with any questions.