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Industrial Hemp vs High CBD Cannabis Oil

Ever since Canada, the United States and most Western European countries began legalizing the consumption of hemp-derived products in their territories, the popularity of CBD extracts has grown exponentially. In Australia alone, thousands of customers are already using cannabidiol to treat a plethora of health conditions.

However, not all CBD derivatives are created equal. There is a big difference between raw industrial hemp and high-CBD products, and it is important to understand it to make sure you select an optimal remedy against pain, inflammation, sore muscles and any other disorder you might be suffering.

High CBD Cannabis Oil VS Industrial Hemp Extract

Perhaps the main reason behind the sometimes confusing world of CBD is the way in which some terms are used interchangeably despite the great differences among them. On one hand, high CBD Cannabis oil is extracted from the stems, stalks and flowers of the Cannabis Sativa plant and not from its seeds. Although hemp seed oil has proven to be beneficial in some cases, it does not contain any significant amount of cannabidiol.

Mature Cannabis plant

Hemp seed oil is beneficial due to its high amount of amino acids, antioxidants and omega fatty acids. It is currently used by many customers from all around the world as part of skincare treatments, but it is seldom effective in treating joint pains, aches or neurological disorders.

Hemp Seeds

Extracts from industrial hemp plants are widely available in the market with different qualities and concentrations. While some of them are greatly effective, others are suboptimal as they are produced without any selection of the best strains or analysis of their CBD concentrations prior to the extraction process.

Industrial hemp

CBD Spectrums – Understanding their Difference

While understanding the difference between hemp seed oil, hemp plant oil and high-CBD Cannabis oil is crucial, it is also useful to know that –within CBD extracts- there is also a number of subcategories:

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD extracts contain not only cannabidiol but all the natural flavonoids, cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant. These components are able to work together in what has been defined as the “entourage effect”, which occurs when the effect of a CBD extract is strengthened by the synergy of all its components. It is believed that the entourage effect is also able to reduce the psychoactive effects of components such as THC. Australian CBD products are nowadays divided into full-spectrum and isolates, with broad-spectrum extracts being still relatively rare in the local market.

Broad Spectrum CBD

These extracts contain many of the natural terpenes and cannabinoids of the hemp plant, but their THC concentration is removed almost entirely along with some other natural components. These extracts are the best choice for users who are wary of taking even minimal amounts of psychoactive products, as well as for those planning to undergo drug tests where THC can be detected.

Broad Spectrum CBD products in Australia are relatively rare, but they are sold by some online retailers. They are made from carefully selected hemp strains with high CBD concentrations and extracted in a way that preserves most of their natural components except the psychoactive ones.

CBD Isolates

Lastly, isolate extracts. These products are preferred by CBD purists who want to consume only cannabidiol and none of the other beneficial components of hemp. CBD Isolates have all THC, flavonoids, and terpenes removed in the extraction process, leaving cannabidiol as their only active substance.

There is speculation about the ability of CBD Isolate to effect positive change amongst varying conditions, however Down To Earth’s CBD Isolate is proving to be one of the most ordered products, with a wealth of benefits streaming through from happy customers.

Why Should I Choose High CBD Cannabis Oil?

High CBD Cannabis oil is the best option for customers who want to consume effective and consistent cannabidiol extracts. At Down to Earth, our high-CBD products are made only with carefully selected strains with the best and enriched cannabidiol and terpene profiles.

Industrial hemp products can be very effective if you know the characteristics that determine their quality. Once you understand the concepts of CBD profiles, spectrums and the different components present in the hemp plant apart from cannabidiol, it is easier to select an optimal extract which can be effective to treat your specific health condition.