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How can CBD Help me Deal with Nausea?

While vomiting is an important mechanism used by the body to get rid of toxic or harmful elements, several conditions can make nausea appear without reason. If you often suffer from nausea in your everyday life, you might have considered pharmaceutical products or alternative methods to deal with it.

However, many of these treatments have undesirable secondary effects, while others do not manage to control the root causes of nausea. Among the several benefits being discovered every day by scientists researching CBD, one of the most promising is related to its natural interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol can reduce the levels of intestinal motility, effectively suppressing the body’s nauseous reflexes.

The Action Mechanisms of CBD

Apart from balancing the endocannabinoid system, there are many other ways through which CBD helps with nausea. This natural component of the hemp plant works by interacting with the serotonin receptors in the brain, which are related not only with nausea but also with a wide range of mental health conditions.

Before deciding to buy your first dose of cannabidiol to treat nausea and feel better, it is important that you do some research on the best administration methods and the companies offering high-value products. Also, understanding the different rates of absorption of vapes, edibles and tinctures is crucial to take appropriate doses and understand their effectivity.

The first step of CBD for nausea is being absorbed into the bloodstream. Tinctures or infusions, which are usually taken sublingually, are among the most effective ways to consume cannabidiol. Simply placing a few drops under your tongue every morning can be the ultimate answer to treat the condition.

Once it makes it way to the circulatory system, CBD reaches the lower regions of the brain, which are responsible for regulating nausea and vomiting. It is in this part of the body that anandamide is naturally produced. This substance plays a key antiemetic role, but unfortunately it does not last long enough in the body. Another way in which cannabidiol can tackle this issue is by helping anandamide stay longer in the system and prolong its action throughout the day.

Which CBD Product Should I Choose?

While there are many CBD Products to reduce nausea in the market, the most effective ones contain not only cannabidiol extract, but also additional natural terpenes present in the hemp plant. Down to Earth’s CBD products are extracted using clean methods which preserve all the natural cannabinoids without harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.  One useful product on Down To Earth’s shelf is CBD honey.   This gift from nature comes packed with vitamins and minerals, reduces acid reflux and duration of diarrhea, and has been used as a medicine for over 5000 years.  Honey alone makes a very effective antibacterial and antiviral prescription.

Full Spectrum Honey with Reishi and Cinnamon

If you are unsure of which method might be the best for you, feel free to use our contact form and we will be happy to help you! Furthermore, we offer customised products for users with specific needs, adapting to their required CBD concentrations, preferred tastes and consumption methods.

Using cannabidiol for nausea can not only improve your condition, but it can also help you feel more relaxed throughout the day, and before sleep it helps the body to release natural melatonin in the brain, promoting deeper and longer lasting sleep.  A key advantage of CBD over pharmaceutical products is that it goes beyond treating specific ailments, providing balance to the body and naturally enhancing your overall health.

Why Should I Choose Down to Earth Products?

We believe in transparency as a key attribute of the best CBD companies. All our products are made from scratch; using organic hemp and quality sourced ingredients which are free of pesticides, synthetics, alcohol and toxic fragrances.

Down to Earth offers 2-5 working days guaranteed delivery across the entire territory of Australia and NZ Our shipments are discreet, and the feedback of our clients is always welcome to continue improving and expanding our range of products.


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