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Why Down To Earth CBD

The CBD market is rapidly growing, and it’s becoming hard to know where to buy from especially if you’re new.  The most verifiable methods are through word of mouth and/or from customer reviews on the sites, where you wish to buy.  It’s not advisable to simply search “CBD oil in Australia” on Google and click on any page.   Click here to read a plethora of reviews from our happy customers already.

When you’re buying this hemp oil in Australia, always buy from a reputable brand and make sure you sight laboratory analysis results before purchase.

Where Can I Get The Good Stuff?

At Down To Earth, our full spectrum oils utilise a certain cold manufacturing process in the USA, producing a similar chemical composition to that found in the original plant.  This is what they call “supercritical CO2 extraction”.  Exceptional testing and world-class equipment ensure the health and safety of these oils during cultivation, extraction and production.  Over 200 pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins are tested with clear indications of the cannabinoid and terpene compositions.

We have a direct line with our ISO certified and GMP verified farmers, ensuring the ratio of our cannabinoid batches are excellent and specific for our customer base.

100% organic material

Hemp is a bio-accumulator which extracts the soil chemicals. Our CBD is sourced from natural, organic, and GMO and pesticide free hemp farms, cultivated without using dangerous materials.

Enforced THC Levels

Although the THC level of hemp is low, its original amount may still provide a psychoactive effect if processed poorly. Remember that CBD oil comes from extracts of several hemp plants, meaning that poorly processed CBD may even contain a psychoactive level of THC.

The maximum level of THC in a typical CBD oil should be 0.3% as instructed by the United States Government. So always check your label or request for lab results before buying CBD oil in Australia.

All our CBD oil comes at an equal to, or less than, the federally regulated 0.3% THC. Also, our CBD oil is manufactured using the entire plant.  This ensures that the quality of a CBD oil is not limited to just CBD but the full primary and secondary nutrients of the hemp plants. For example, cannabinoids like flavonoids, terpenes, and others that work with CBD to improve its efficiency.

Full Spectrum CBD

At Down To Earth, our major range of CBD oil is full spectrum to ensure that you enjoy the full benefit of hemp oil in Australia. We have many excellent CBD oils for you to choose from in various concentrations and with different carrier oils.  We can also customize the concentration and composition based on the needs of the customer.  With the 500mg-3000mg full spectrum range either in carrier of MCT (coconut) oil or hemp seed oil, and the perfectly diluted 250mg for your beloved pet, we have you covered!  If oils are not enough, try some of our topical balms, chocolates and gummie bears!

CBD Isolate

Despite the vast benefits from the delivery of multiple cannabinoids into the system, isolated CBD has been proving very effective for similar ailments to those for which full spectrum is taken.  It is not an oil to disregard and definitely not to be overlooked.  With THC free products, it is really a matter of individual reaction and personal preference.  An effective, cheaper alternative for those who may undergo drug testing.

Third-Party Lab Tested

One of the qualities of a company selling quality CBD oil in Australia is its ability to provide third-party lab-tested results. Thanks to dedicated laboratories that exist to test the company’s claim of CBD, THC, and level of purity and quality.

Down To Earth CBD Oil In Australia

You’re not just anybody. You’re someone who wants to live a greater, healthier life, and we are happy you trust us to help you. Your utmost satisfaction is our priority. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have requests or inquiries to make, and we’ll happily respond to you.

Browse our excellent selection of CBD oil in Australia and make your choice toward a cleaner, sustainable, healthier lifestyle.

Feel free to check us out on Instagram @down2earthcbd and follow us for Instagram-only deals!

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