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The Healing Power of Genetics



People can’t stop talking about cannabis as it becomes legalized around the world. Now more than ever before, people are turning to cannabis for medicinal use. People may ask: how can cannabis help me with my healing, and why can it be used for so many other things?

What is Cannabis?

To understand why cannabis is so versatile, and used in healing practices, you must first understand the plant’s different components. In truth, the components of the plant were not clearly identified until the entire cannabis genome was coded in 2018. Why does this matter? Because the genome is the blueprint for the plant. All species share 99.9% of their DNA coding with their mutual species. Another way to say this, is that you share 99.9% of your DNA with every human you encounter. The leftover 0.1% is what makes you unique. Each cannabis plant also has a 0.1% uniqueness as well.

The Components of Cannabis

Many people are familiar with the terms marijuana, weed, hemp, THC and CBD. Despite knowing these terms, the average person cannot explain the difference between them. Weed is a lay term to identify the marijuana you smoke. Marijuana comes from THC, which is the identifiable term for the purpose of getting high. This is the agent that gives the smoker a euphoric effect. Conversely, CBD is more commonly found in hemp, which is located in the stem and root of the plant. CBD has an anti-anxiety effect and does not give the user a high. It is also proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect when applied directly to injuries, particularly joints, such as elbows and knees.

What Gives Marijuana It’s Medicinal Qualities

When decoding the marijuana genome, it was discovered that ancient viruses actually mutated the original genome (Popular Science, 2018). This is a big deal! These viruses once attacked peoples, and caused epilepsy, pain, and suffering. Now, after years of blending into the genome, the marijuana plant is able to fight these effects instead of creating them. This is why the plant is able to treat epilepsy, swelling, anxiety, pain, and mental and physical trauma. These effects lay more specifically in the CBD components but do not forget, there are more than 480 isolated components of cannabis and scientists still know very little about them and how they aid in healing.

Genomes In Common

Another interesting fact about cannabis is that it shares 40% of the human genome. This is another reason why it is so effective at treating human ailments. Any living creature, be it a plant or a mammal, is designed in a way to naturally heal itself. Sharing 40% of our DNA with cannabis means that cannabis will also have an immune response within our bodies, naturally seeking out ailments and attempting to heal them. This includes fighting cancers and autoimmune disorders as well.

This is Only the Beginning

Decoding the cannabis genome is only one step in understanding how cannabis can help human beings in their healing processes. This powerful plant holds hundreds of medicinal strains that are still yet to be discovered. The one thing we can a agree on though, is that cannabis is a versatile and powerful herb that can change the way we live our lives for the better. For more insight into how cannabis can help you, contact us and let us guide your cannabis journey.


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