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Using CBD to Relieve Pain: A Clean and Natural Choice


While CBD has been on the spotlight for years as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic, perhaps the main reason for thousands of customers to use cannabidiol daily is its painkilling effectiveness. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, sore muscles or any condition causing aches, including CBD in your daily routine can be the answer to relieve it and feel naturally healthy.

After being absorbed into the bloodstream, cannabidiol interacts with receptors in the brain which are responsible for several crucial functions in the body. Among others, the endocannabinoid system regulates pain, appetite, sleep, mood and memory. Therefore, taking a regular dose of CBD every day will not only relieve your pain, but it will also make you feel healthy and revitalized.

How is CBD Able to Relieve Pain?

While cannabidiol research is still in its early stages, several studies have shown that it acts by activating CB2 receptors in the brain, mitigating neuropathic pain caused by injuries or chronic conditions. Furthermore, it revitalizes the glycerine receptors affected by inflammation.

For users who engage in physical activity, CBD is powerful in relieving the post-workout pain by relaxing the muscles. Customers suffering from arthritis can also benefit from the properties of cannabidiol and its effectiveness in reducing inflammation.

Another common ailment for which CBD has shown promising results is hypersensitivity. This can be caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia, which alters the nervous system and can exponentially increase the pain sensation in the body. Curing hypersensitivity can lead to a positive chain of events that involves a better sleep and an overall sensation of wellbeing.

Which CBD Product is the Best for Me?

At Down to Earth, an expert and passionate team have come together to create a wide range of CBD products which are able to reduce the severity of pain and inflammation. Our CBD oils are most effective when administered sublingually, as they can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and start acting within minutes.

While tinctures are effective with almost every kind of pain, if you are suffering from localized aches, sore muscles or joint pains, our line of topical products might be the best solution. These balms and ointments must be applied on the skin over the affected area, giving a gentle massage to enhance their absorption. As they contain natural essential oils, they provide an immediate sensation of freshness and – once absorbed – effective pain relief.

Cannabidiol is and will always be the main component in our CBD topicals. However, some of our products contain essential oils, ayurvedic influences, nourishing carriers and extracts from Chinese herbs to maximize their effectiveness. One of our most popular topicals is the Active Balm with Arnica and Juniper, which is specially recommended to cure bruises and relieve the pain from physical activity. This ointment promotes muscle repairing and stimulates tissue formation.

Why Should I Choose Down to Earth Products?

With the increasing number of CBD companies entering the market, you might be having a hard time deciding which one to choose for your cannabidiol supply.  At Down to Earth, we believe that the best CBD starts from growing premium hemp plants. All our products come from certified organic farms, where pesticides and chemicals are never used.

Once the hemp is harvested, we carefully select the strains with superior cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Our CO2 extraction process ensures that all the beneficial components are kept intact in the final product. Laboratory analysis of our CBD oils are readily available to know the active ingredients present in your purchased product.  Finally, our tinctures, balms and edibles are made complete with purposeful ingredients, and nutrient rich compounds using trusted sources and made with love before reaching your front door. 

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