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Why Is CBD So Expensive?


The active ingredient CBD is on everyone’s lips these days. The list of suppliers and manufacturers of CBD products and oils is long. But why’s CBD so expensive? We got to the bottom of the question.

Is The Trend Responsible for the Price?

In recent years, in particular, the active ingredient CBD and various products with hemp have experienced a real boom. Try searching for a hemp cream in Australia and you’ll find dozens of brands and suppliers.

In the meantime, they’ve become indispensable for sports enthusiasts, people with a healthy lifestyle, but also simply for fans of the green herb. The demand keeps increasing. But if you observe the price development of the last few months, this’s tended to mean that prices have fallen slightly. This development can be explained very easily: You only have to take a look at the now very long list of providers and brands. This of course results in real competition. And of course, everyone wants to offer the best price/performance ratio. So, what could be the real reason for the overpriced prices?

Quality Makes the Difference

Quality has its price. And a good, high-quality CBD product only scores with a full-spectrum hemp extract. Unlike manufacturers who rely on cheap CBD isolates, all our products including CBD skin care products only contain premium ingredients.

The 3 Crucial Factors

To get a better understanding of CBD and what the differences are in the final product, you need to consider three different factors:

1. The Hemp Plant

Correct processing is also crucial for CBD products. But let’s start from the beginning: First and foremost, of course, it depends on the raw material hemp to be treated. High-quality industrial hemp from the EU, which was planted and controlled under strict conditions, is priced significantly higher than hemp that has been treated with pesticides. As with all other products, you must dig deeper into your pocket for high-quality hemp. For example, premium hemp skin care products are usually very expensive. Buying a high-quality hemp cream in Australia can literally cost you a fortune.

2. The Extraction Process

There’re also serious differences here that are noticeable in the price of CBD products (especially oils). Because there’re different processing techniques to win CBD, for example, ethanol extraction. As the name suggests, ethanol is used to filter cannabinoids and terpenes. However, this method has proven to be of inferior quality since traces of harmful substances such as chlorophyll or alcohol can remain. We therefore strongly advise against products that use this process!

Now, we come to what’s probably the most common method of extracting CBD: CO2 extraction. Studies agree. With this process, high-quality products can be obtained. In addition, sustainability isn’t neglected. Because it’s a very economical, easily accessible, and safe alternative. Not only does the full spectrum of the hemp plant remain largely available, but also the other important ingredients. Since this method takes a little more time, it also differs in price from ethanol extraction.

But there’s one process that outshines all other technologies, the distillation process. This method usually produces premium products. In this technique, the terpenes are first extracted using the distillation process, and then the cannabinoids are extracted using ultrasound. After that, terpenes and cannabinoids are mixed and an extract with 80% CBD and 20% terpenes is created. In contrast to CO2 extraction, no terpenes are lost here due to the temperature difference. In the last step, the extract is mixed with the right dose of hemp seed or MCT oil, for example. Thanks to the particularly gentle production, the valuable natural terpenes of the cannabis plant are preserved.

3. The End Product

Ultimately, it comes down to the end product. In addition to the ingredients, this also includes the packaging. In addition to hemp, other ingredients can be found in many products. And as with CBD, you can use either cheap or high-quality raw materials. In the rarest cases, there’s a combination of both. Our products all have a premium quality level.  CBD oils are full-spectrum oils that are produced with organic hemp seed oil. In addition, the unique flavors, thanks to the addition of essential oils, have synergy effects and are mild, with no scratchy throat. So, nothing with artificial flavors that only consist of sugar.

Our motto is “Quality First”. You can feel and see that in the packaging. Because the oils are bottled in high-quality glasses, they last longer while preserving the bioenergy. In addition, the oils as an end product, compared to other suppliers, have less than 0.03% THC. Moreover, our CBD skin care products are the best in Australia according to our customers’ reviews.

Final Thoughts 

With our products, you’re definitely at the right place. Because here you not only buy CBD skin care products and other hemp products of the highest quality, but you’ll also receive these at a very good & fair price-performance ratio.

At Down To Earth, we care about the quality of our products. That’s why all our products are tested by independent labs to ensure that each product is premium. You can check the lab reports on our website.

Finally, we’ve covered many CBD topics on our blog. Check our blog for more information. You can also leave a comment or contact us if you’ve any questions!

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