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Down To Earth

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Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 06/03/2019

Great prompt service
Dianne - avatar Dianne

Excellent quality product. Have used this one a few times now.
Brett - avatar Brett
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 28/02/2019

Awesome service with helping with questions and very quick delivery. This is the first time trying the oil I’ve had Fibromyalgia 10 years and tried medication after medication not much relief I was at my wits end until now. In just days of trying the oil I noticed I’m sleeping a lot better, waking up actually feeling refreshed haven’t had that in years and not a zombie, a lot more energy, helped less daily aching pains I haven’t had to take pain killers in 5 days and that’s massive for me, less fatigue, more alert, helped settle my stomach and bowel issues and the other issues that go hand in hand with fibromyalgia. I’m kicking myself I didn’t try this ages ago!!!!
Thanks so much for amazing product and service
Bonnie - avatar Bonnie
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 28/02/2019

Anonymous - avatar Anonymous

Really exceptional customer service. Unsure of effectiveness of product as yet. Early days.
Anonymous - avatar Anonymous
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 13/02/2019

The service and delivery time frame was great. I received my product two days ago so still trialing it, but very happy with the quality so far.
Deborah - avatar Deborah
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 08/02/2019

keith - avatar keith

Great for muscle pain and lovely smell.
Lauren - avatar Lauren

This stuff is brilliant!! I had daily headaches/migraines for over 10 years & been tried on all sorts of horrible medication by doctors. I've been taking this for 4 weeks and they are pretty much gone! Highly recommended.
Lauren - avatar Lauren
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 05/02/2019

As soon as I started using this product I noticed how relaxed and pain free I am. I started with 4 drops morning and night under my tongue and I now, after a week,almost walk without a limp that I’ve had for about 5 years due to my MS. This is great as my sort of pain has limited treatment options without knocking me out or being addictive.
I went to a family function a couple of days after starting and people that had know me for years told me how great I looked and that they’d noticed there was no limp (I feel there’s still a little bit of a limp). So I told everyone what I’d been using and they all looked at me like I was weird but, really, to find something like this that has no side effects and that can make such a big difference in a short amount of time is really rare.
Alison P. - avatar Alison P.
Iso 1000 (ISO1000)
Iso 1000 (ISO1000) 04/02/2019

Great and fast service
Tess Jordaan - avatar Tess Jordaan

Couldn't be more happier with the service and quality of goods highly recommended
Bill B. - avatar Bill B.