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  • Broad Spectrum 1000 (BS1000)

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  • Broad Spectrum 3000 (BS3000)

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  • Full Defence 1000 (FD1000)

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  • Full Defence 3000 (FD3000)

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  • Full Defence 500 (FD500)

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Harness the power of CBD for your heart with Down to Earth’s amazing CBD for Heart Health. Broad Spectrum 1000 CBD Oil is a premium CBD oil that may enhance your cardiovascular wellbeing. This Broad Spectrum CBD Oil offers the health benefits of cannabinoids and other natural compounds found in the hemp plant. Wrap your heart around the therapeutic effects of the best CBD for Heart Health!

With our Broad Spectrum 3000 CBD Oil, experience the healing power of nature. Leverage the medicinal advantages of CBD to gain a step up in your overall health where it may improve your cardiovascular system.

Need a little cardiovascular boost? Try our Full Defence 1000 CBD Oil. The goodness of CBD may unlock your strongest heart yet. This premium product provides a robust dose of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, which is well-known for its potential benefits in promoting heart health especially in regards to hardening of the arteries, blood pressure reduction, and arrythmias’ incidents. If you want to understand the incredible potential of the best CBD Oil for Heart Disease, this is it!

Our Full Defence 3000 CBD Oil is our strongest full spectrum CBD oil which may support your heart. A high amount of full spectrum CBD, this is your best advocate if you want to try CBD for Heart Disease.

Maybe you just need a little extra pep in your step. If that’s you, give our Full Defence 500 CBD Oil a go and spring into health. This premium CBD oil is carefully formulated to provide a full spectrum of cannabinoids to enhance cardiovascular health that nourish and protect your heart and cardiovascular system.

Note, if you’re already taking medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, or other heart conditions, it’s vital to consult with your doctor when taking CBD.

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