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  • Broad Spectrum 3000 (BS3000)

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  • Entourage Gummies

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  • Full Defence 1000 (FD1000)

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  • Full Defence 3000 (FD3000)

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  • Full Defence 500 (FD500)

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  • Groovy Times

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  • Sunset Bath Salts

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  • Bliss Balm – German Chamomile

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  • Active Balm – Arnica & Juniper

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Our Entourage Gummies provide the ideal fusion of flavour and health. Quite simply they’re the best CBD Edibles Australia has to offer! Our CBD gummies provide a delicious and easy method to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. These candies contain ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their potential to reduce pain and promote relaxation. They nourish your body and mind while also providing you with a delightful treat!

Our Full Defence 1000 CBD Oil unleashes the true power of nature! Completely safe, natural and made of the highest quality ingredients, enjoy our full spectrum CBD oil and we don’t doubt you will experience an incredible enhancement in your daily life.

Need extra pain relief? Try Full Defence 2000 CBD Oil. This Canabis oil that may help pain has been expertly crafted with beneficial natural extracts to ensure it’s the best CBD product to address pain on the market!

In mild pain or discomfort? Our Full Defence 500 CBD Oil could be right for you. A full spectrum CBD oil, it offers a comprehensive blend of natural ingredients to promote wellbeing and pain relief. If you’re looking to buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil to ease your pain, Full Defence 500 CBD Oil may just be the winner!

With Groovy Times artisan chocolate, you can unwind and find relief with a simple chocolaty treat! It nourishes, soothes and relaxes your body and mind, and did we mention chocolate?

Want to buy CBD Skin Care Products? Start with our Sunset Bath Salts. Luxuriate in a relaxing evening bath that transports you to your zen place! It’s seriously a tranquil scent of your dreams!

Looking for a good CBD Balm for Pain? Our CBD Topical Balms are another way that may relieve discomfort. Enjoy the healing properties of our Bliss Balm or Active Balm to help with pain and discomfort. Immerse yourself in these delightful CBD products and wave your pain goodbye!

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