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Author: akhlinder100

Could CBD Oil Be an Alternative to Antibiotics? Let’s Find Out!

Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp plants has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and calming effects. The latest results from tests done over the years show that premium hemp oils could possibly be an alternative to antibiotics as they can have an antibiotic effect. This is what we’ll be discussing further in this blog, so stick around!

The first studies into this potential change took place in Italy in 2008, when researchers found out in studies that certain amounts of THC and CBD can have an antibacterial effect. These were the first studies on this topic, which excited a lot of us, but unfortunately they were not followed up on and it was only sometime later that we heard anything about this again.

CBD Can Have an Antibiotic Effect

In 2019, a study was presented at an annual conference of microbiologists in the USA that showed that CBD can kill a large number of bacteria and pathogens. CBD can possibly even be effective against antibiotic-resistant strains and bacteria that have become resistant to normal antibiotics over time. Even with prolonged use, CBD has not seemed to lose its effectiveness with the studies done thus far, such as the two strongest antibiotics “Vancomycin” and “Daptomycin”.

CBD Attacks the Biofilms of the Bacteria

CBD has been observed to attack and destroy the natural biofilms of bacteria. Biofilms? Well, they are thin layers of mucus that are formed by bacteria to protect themselves from the human immune system. As a rule, the body’s own human immune system attacks the bacteria and destroys them. The biological protective film, however, protects them from our immune system. CBD can potentially destroy this film and make the bacteria more vulnerable to our own protective shield. As a result, CBD can have an antibacterial and possibly also antibiotic effect.

CBD for Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA Germs

There are studies that show a possibility that cannabis can kill multi-resistant MRSA germs. Infections with these types of germs are becoming more and more common in hospitals around the world, and this particular type of germ is usually highly resistant to conventional antibiotics. So with the help of premium hemp oils you could potentially curb the spread of MRSA germs. The multi-resistant germs are usually fatal for high-risk patients, as they can continue to spread in the body despite taking antibiotics and thus can lead to death. CBD has a possible future of being a good treatment option for MRSA germs.

CBD and the Effects of Antibiotics

Taking CBD can also potentially increase the effectiveness of antibiotics. This would affect the dosage of antibiotics, so logically one could reduce the dosage and still achieve a similar effect. Many doctors even think it is conceivable that one day we could replace antibiotics with premium CBD oil, as the potentially beneficial thing about that premium hemp oils is that the body cannot develop resistance to the cannabinoids, and therefore, they should always have a consistent effect and could be a good alternative to the antibiotic made from other means. Cannabidiol can therefore be useful against bacterial infections. As research in the antibiotic field continues, we continue to learn, and will keep you updated to any advancements in the field.

Which Dosage to Use?

Since these studies are still very young, it is very difficult to say how to dose the CBD oil to achieve these antibiotic effects. We as always like to recommend talking to your doctor or pharmacist and wait for further studies on this subject. We do have a dosage guide, but that is used more for the therapeutic nature of CBD, rather than the antibiotic usage.

New to CBD?

We recommend either one of our high-quality CBD oils or one of our many edibles to start with CBD. You can control the dosage well and slowly increase it as required. Our edibles, and topicals are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and you can verify this with the independent lab reports we have auditing our products for quality assurance here.


Although research has been very promising, the application probably isn’t there just yet to use CBD as an antibiotic as we currently know it. However, the potential of it becoming a one-stop shop for remedying whatever ails you is finding more and more ground with every study being undertaken.

Be sure to check out our other blogs for what else CBD can do for you, and what is in the works for it too!

Finally, to reiterate, we don’t recommend using CBD to replace any antibiotics just yet: there needs to be more research. And, as with any supplement, if you’re curious about using CBD, please consult your doctor in regards to any other medications you’re on, and how the application of CBD may affect them.

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line in the comments below, or feel free to email us here.

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