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Using CBD for Mental Health

According to Mental Health America (MHA), over 44 million American adults suffer from at least one mental health-related condition, with people from all over the world now embracing CBD as an alternative solution to their mental health issues.

While CBD should never replace medications unless if prescribed by a medical professional, several CBD enthusiasts have publicly stated how CBD helps them fight stress and improve their mood.

CBD for Stress Relief

Stress is universal and chances are you have dealt with it at one point in life. But excessive daily stress can severely affect our bodies in a physical way. Apart from its devastating effect on mental health, stress can be the underlying cause of headaches, infections, insomnia, colds, grinding teeth, and low energy.

 A large number of people using CBD for mental health specifically use it to combat stress, and they achieve a good result.

CBD, when taken as either CBD oil or as edibles, connects with and boosts your endocannabinoid system. Your body responds by releasing natural enzymes, hormones, and endorphins that facilitates a feeling of comfort and wellbeing. You must have heard of marijuana as an excellent stress reliever; CBD provides the same benefits but without the “high” associated with marijuana.

CBD keeps the body calm and relaxed without the psychoactive effect. It’s a good option for those who want to relax and unwind while maintaining a clear head.

Reduce Anxiety

95% of CBD users take it to solve their anxiety problems. While some anxiety is rooted in mere social nervousness, it might disrupt performing normal daily activities in severe cases. CBD provides a sense of relief to people suffering from all kinds of anxiety.

As aforementioned, you shouldn’t stop using your prescribed medication for anxiety unless if guided by a medical professional. That said, most anxiety patients achieve better results with CBD than with medications like Valium, Xanax, or Klonopin.

The common downside to using these drugs is that they alter the mind, resulting in some side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, lethargy, tiredness, etc.

The non-psychoactive property of CBD makes it a preferred option for mental health.

Although you may still take other medications, CBD is the best supplementary option to use when you’re at a setting that requires moderation and mental clarity.

Improved Quality of sleep

According to a Harvard health article, sleep and mental health are interrelated.  Sleep is crucial for thinking and learning. Even one sleepless night can affect mental health.  A sleep disorder can also cause several serious physical health problems.

If left untreated, a sleep disorder can result in anger, frustration, depression, and even short memory.

Using CBD for a sleep disorder will help enhance quality sleeping habits. You’ll be able to maintain a consistent set schedule. After all, the hemp plant is known to calm the mind. Sometimes, a calm mind is all you need to fall asleep.

If stress and anxiety are depriving you of quality sleep, CBD might be your solution to fight off those intruding thoughts.

Boost Cognitive Function

CBD directly connects with the central nervous system and alters the functions of the brain neurons. Most mental related problems are usually caused by a lack of balance in the brain. CBD promotes a healthier balance in the brain. Most CBD users can confirm that the extract is able to help them stay more balanced, rational, and level headed.

Reduce Depression

According to the World Health Organization, “depression is a common global mental disorder affecting over 300 million people of different age groups”.

Fortunately, another study confirmed CBD as a promising solution to depression. Remember, it’s not a total substitution to current medication, but it can be used as an additional relief.

CBD interacts with brain receptors, stimulating them to release neurochemicals like serotonin which uplift the mood. CBD may treat the root cause of depression. For instance, if your depression is rooted in a sleep disorder, CBD can help enhance sleep quality to alleviate depression.

Boost Appetite

Poor eating habits can affect your mental health in different ways. Food fuels the mind and body. Frequently losing appetite can cause health issues that result in anger, stress, frustration, anxiety, etc.

You must have heard about how THC increases your appetite. Although CBD may not produce a powerful effect as THC, your appetite will be improved, and you will eat more.

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