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Our modern lives often mean we’re burning the candle at both ends and not prioritising sleep. Thanks to Down To Earth, getting enough ZZZs has never been so easy or delicious!

Enjoy the health benefits of our CBeeD Honey, produced in the pristine environment around Byron Bay. This delicious CBD honey is one of the best CBD products for sleep as it enhances and supports your wellbeing while soothing and calming your body and mind, helping you get a good night’s rest.

Unwind and feel peaceful with our Comfortably Numb artisan chocolate, a super chocolate that aids in relaxation and encourages a quiet and tranquil frame of mind.

Looking for CBD Sleep Gummies to promote good sleep? Our Entourage Gummies contain Full Spectrum CBD, so you can enjoy not only the delicious taste but you can also embrace the snores.

So if you’re looking to Buy CBD Edibles, look no further than Down To Earth!

Need some extra sleep support? Try a CBD Oil for sleep like our Full Defence 1000 CBD Oil. This full spectrum oil delivers an extensive blend of cannabinoids and other earthy healers to assist people who have trouble falling or staying asleep.

Are you a really difficult sleeper? Try our Full Defence 2000 CBD Oil with a stronger formula to really help you nod off.

And for the real insomniacs among us, try our Full Defence 3000 CBD, a heavy duty full spectrum oil to support your sleep-related problems. Take advantage of the high calibre effects of these CBD oils and achieve restful, restorative sleep!

Want to experience a nice deep sleep with a touch of luxury? With Down to Earth’s Sunset Bath Salts, wind down from the stresses of the day with a wonderful and calming experience.

Our CBD Skin Care Products are made with the finest ingredients and are a wonderful complement to your self-care routine. Find your tranquil haven after a long day with our relaxing and rejuvenating CBD products!

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